A Week of Indonesian Street Art at ISAD Festival

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Street art has been taking a part as one of the urban arts in human’s culture. To celebrate the movement of its originality, Indonesian Street Art Database held the ISADFestival on November 23rd to December 1st 2013 which took place at Rumah Bintang, Jakarta.

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This one of the biggest street art festivals in Indonesia wasn’t only showing the art works from street artists but also having some music performances from DJ Bols Q, Kojek, Racun Kota, and Danger Dope. The opening night (23/11) was inaugurated by Danuri or mostly known as Pak Nur. Pak Nur is one of the noted Indonesian street artists who have been contributing his street art work for over than a decade.

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On the next day (24/11), ISAD Festival hold a public program such as Video Screening & Discussion: INA Walls, BlackBook; Documentary Film of Indonesian Hip-hop: HiphopIndo.net, Community Gathering & Presentation, and Indonesian Street Art Awards. The festival also had some showcase of live paintings from the bombers. What made this street art exhibition very unique was they showcased some archive exhibition which was originally brought from various cities in Indonesia, Aceh, Jakarta, Kendal, Kudus, Kuningan, Magelang, Medan, Pekalongan, Semarang, Solo, Tanggerang, and Wonosobo.

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To close a week of Indonesian street art showcase (1/12), the festival topped the event by putting some community’s bazaar and a grafitti workshop by CK Graffiti Forum. As the icing, edgy performers like Indobeatbox, Yacko, Jhonsound & Night Club, DJ Gantung, and Delay Tribe hopped in the cab to make the closing night into a merrier euphoria.