An interview with the ‘Boys from the Avenue’

We may know them as the most searched band on Youtube with over than 300 million viewers with their original and covering songs, So as the headliners of the this year LA Indie Music Festival, we tried dig more about this band, how they maintain their relationship as musician and brothers, or what they see themselves in 10 years, and what they want to bring at the festival? Thanks to their road manager, we get the chance to catch Alejandro and Fabian from Boyce Avenue after their meet and greet session.This is your second time in Jakarta, right?
Alejandro (AM) : Yep.What do you expect from the show tonight?
AM : A bigger crowd festival feel.. so far its a very passionate and well received via twitter which its like a ‘thing’ here, people seems like very exciting about it, so we see how the show goes but we expecting a lot of crazy thing and more passionate.Is it gonna be different from your previous show?
AM : Yes it is gonna be really different, the previous one we play at Score..
Fabian (FM) : it’s a private show actually, its for an anniversary kinda thing.

How about tonight, are you gonna bring more of your acoustic covering songs or your own songs?
AM : Hm.. both I guess, we will do more covering songs but also we make sure we throw 5 or 6 of our big songs.

Most of your fans are from Asia such as Indonesia, how do you feel about it?
AM : It feels good, its better than not having a fan (all laugh)
FM : There’s something about the culture here that similar to our Hispanic culture, the music, people, everybody here likes to hugging, smiling and gives thumbs up, they very nice people and stuff..
AM : ..yeah and like down to the wether here, very feels the familiar, you know..
FM : Yeah it feels like we’re home in some kinda way.

Songwriter or Musician first?
FM : I more of a musician first, he’s probably more into writing (pointing to Alejandro)
AM : Yeah, more writing but listen to music as well.. Its a though balance…
FM : I’m more into musician, I like to listen to lots of instrument, lots of sounds..sometimes i like to hear like 10 times for the same song just to listen to the instrument’s sounds or the vibe.. Well, Alejandro is more into songwriter.

You guys are brothers, how you manage your relationship as a brother and music partner?
AM : I think there’s a thing sometimes that can make it a little difficult, but for the whole thing having brothers as a band just make everything better, and its good. Coz we’re like best friends..
FM : Its good and kinda unique cause like we’re not only a band but also brothers, like when it comes to interest we’re sometimes have the same interest
AM : Yeah like there’s a time when we go out socialising to hang out or bonding as a brother or bands you know somehow it works..
FM : Even with different personalities doesn’t mean we couldn’t get along as a band..or else

Before working as a band, you have like office job, right? Like lawyer or architect…
AM : (laugh) yeah

And now you have your career – success as a band, a musician.. If you guys can turn back time, do you still wanna go to college take those subject or maybe you wanna go to art or music school?
AM : Err.. that’s an interesting question.. for me I take major in business school, Cause seems like it makes sense but doing something online like this, you know sometimes people like to say “wow it must help you a lot”, but that’s not true cause I have to teach myself like one on one, how to deal with people  maybe if I can turn back time I could probably would take other subject like technology stuff how to work with it…but in my head knowing music as thing i have to take that’s just a plan b in case the music thing doesn’t happened I do the business.
FM : Actually I taught a lot about it a lot, even until now maybe in the future I want to go back to art school, you know for some people like me music doesn’t comes in naturally and maybe if I want to be good one I have to learn like go to Barkley or somewhere, but you couldn’t say that I wish I’ve gone there or took this or that before cause you know in the end you have to see that by learning what you’ve learnt now it helps to do things for you
AM : Yeah, the cool think that when you learnt about different thing, like Fabian with the architect you know as a foundation it comes handy for us to like say work with some art stuff, or like Daniel he took law at Harvard and it really comes handy with us until now. Now I’m glad I didn’t take art school, cause If I did maybe I don’t know but other things beside music..

Yeah like you have lots of abilities now, right..
AM : Yeah exactly..

So, you meet and work with different artist, lets say you’ve met Kris Allen and work with David Choi, what do you think about them?
AM : Well Kris and David are very different artist.. David is more like a youtube artist you know, we met him in this youtube community he’s just comer over here right?

Yep last month..
FM : David is more like youtube person, you know learn things form youtube and he’s more of an art style person and Kris Allen more like an old school person, you know work hard like to be an artist..
AM : But he’s from American Idol..
FM : yeah that’s the cool thing we get used to the voting system now, but I mean what he have to do with the bands they have to work by doing live show that kinda stuff and David is more like by online who need viewers but that’s cool just different artist with their own different way.

What do you see yourself 10 years from now?
FM : Hmm..10 years, hmm how old I am, hmm well I’ll be 37 by then…
AM : Well yeah probably 10 years from now, being settled, married, having kids, you know having family is very important for us.

Still doing music in a band?
AM : Doing what we do make albums or do more touring , and maybe have a recording company, we want to help other musician, help them to grow like from zero to what we are now.. yeah that’s kinda our dream.

Last question, what do you wanna say to your fans in Indonesia?
AM : We love you, and we cant wait to performance tonight and hopefully we could be back doing single show just for you all .

Later on that night beside playing their own big songs such as Hear Me Now, When the lights Die, More Things to Say, On My Way, Briane, Change your Mind, Every Breath and Broken Angel, they also succeed covering billboard top chart singles such as Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream, Taio Cruz’s Dynamite, Bruno Mars’s Grenade, Goo Goo Dolls’s Iris and Wonderwall from Oasis. Well, we all agree that they really know how to cover songs using their own style, but lets hope it wont take 10 years to see more from them in the future. ;)