An Intimacy Vol.6 | Music is In The Air… Again!


Back in 1977, Disco singer namely John Paul Young made famous to the song “Love is In the Air”. Until this day, the title remains to be one of the most definitive terms for love. February is really is a pink month. Now, let’s put love aside, because another kind of intimacy entitled An Intimacy, which now has reached the sixth volume, is also in the air.

Previously presented by Monsterstress Records, Lou Belle Shop, and KomunitasMusikFikom UNPAD, FFWD (Fast Forward) Records have now joined forces to present the event as well. Still with the usual intimate atmosphere, An Intimacy Vol. 6 will bring you Strangers, Heals, Bedchamber, Munthe, and Frau up to the surface.

Strangers are hailing with Indie Rock sound in raw, simple, and powerful soul concept.  The collective who have given birth to “Everything Goes Automatic” in 2008 are heavily influenced by ranges of music from Britpop, Swedish Pop, Post Rock, to Folk. In the other side of the corner, Heals describes themselves as Shoegaze/alternative rock band. “Five saints grow to recover anomaly descant” as written on their social media accounts bio. While Bedchamber are Indie Pop group who have released an E.P entitled “Perennial”. Hailing under Kolibri Records, Bedchamber gives unique sounds from the nation’s capital, Jakarta, to Bandung.

 photo posterVOL62_zps742270c3.jpg


An Intimacy Vol. 6 will also be enlivened by two singer-songwriters, Muntheand Frau. The first name has just released an album entitled “The Sun Has Sunset”. Meanwhile, the second name has been the mother of “Starlit Carousel” and “Happy Coda”. Accompanied by a piano named Oskar, Some have called her a ‘shining star’ from Yogyakarta.

In this volume, An Intimacy team is also supported by Margareth Yap as the artist of artwork and Domaci as the food tenant filler. Lastly, let’s get intimate at Lou Belle Shop, Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi no, 56, Bandung on next February 20th 2015. Seize the movement, live the moment!