Basic B****es’ Guide to Neon Lights this Week!


Are you coming with us for the weekend getaway at Neon Lights? If yea, we are spilling some basic guidelines which we think you have got ‘em covered, but sometimes who knows you need a little reminder because people always forget the most basic things when they are over excited!

Pack your bags

For concerts at an outdoor venue (usually the case), you’ll need:

  • A fully charged phone. Have you ever tried finding a friend in a (x)000-strong crowd?
  • Tissue paper for the icky portable toilets (pegs for your nose are optional)
  • Sunscreen if the festival starts in the day, unless you want to get flayed alive
  • Poncho (some venues might provide them but it’s still safer to bring your own). If you’re not afraid to get dirty, we recommend just roughing out in the mud and rain to heighten your concert experience
  • Ziplock bags to keep your phone and camera dry
  • Lots of water. Trust me, singing through one set alone is enough to get you dehydrated
  • Cash for food, drinks, and band merchandise

Learn song lyrics

Singing the wrong lyrics will just get you death stares from the people around you. You don’t want to be the only one with your mouth shut when everyone is singing along with their favourite bands either.


Plan out which bands you want to see and memorise their time slots and location if there are multiple stages. This allows you to be at the front of the crowd without wasting any time being lost. Some festivals might have more than one bands playing concurrently too, so you’ll have to prioritise.

Pick your wardrobe

In sunny Singapore the heat can be scorching, so leave the extra layers at home. You’ll want to dress for comfort, not fashion. This advice may fall on deaf ears for indie kids, who are known to sport boots, maxi skirts, knit cardigans, and stuffy shirts at concerts. Braids, beards, and thick-rimmed black specs are optional. HOWEVER! Singapore’s weather can be so tricky sometimes, so always prepare for a raincoat to cover yourself from rain. And please, we don’t want you to be little miss daisy who is carrying umberellas :)

At the Festival

If you’re with friends, pick out a rendezvous point in case you get separated from the pack. You might want to buy food in advance to skip the long queue during break times, though be warned, festival food has never been known to be cheap. Get to your favourite performers’ area early for a good standing position.

Oh, and mind your gig etiquette. Don’t sit down or you might get stepped on. Other people’s sweat will undoubtedly fall on you as well, which is frankly disgusting. Don’t sit on someone’s shoulders either. Just keep your elbows to yourself, slap on your sunscreen, soak into the crowd and dance to the music.