Bet You Didn’t Know : Last Dinosaurs

The Last Dinosaurs is the type of band that can write songs about 18th century Serbian scientistswhich are so melodically catchy that it’ll get the whole room pumping, contrasting and masking the underlying sadness in their writing with their catchy guitar hooks.

Well, everyone knows that Sean and Lachlan are brothers. Or that they’re half Japanese — so here are some lesser known facts about them that every fan needs to know about the Last Dinosaurs to up their fangirl/fanboy game.

1. The name ‘Last Dinosaurs’ came from a song by Japanese band, The Pillows which Dan Koyama used to be into during his high school days.

2. Their Japanese influence continues, with their signature style of happy melodies and melancholic lyrics being inspired by scores and stories by Japanese animator, Hayao Miyazaki that carries the same vibe.

3. Dan’s favourite dinosaur is the brachiosaurus because it looks like it would be the friendliest dinosaur.

4. They recorded In a Million Years in a remote farmhouse in New South Wales, where they spent their time jamming, cooking, and shooting stuff (don’t worry, they didn’t shoot anything living)

5. Speaking of shooting, the song Andy was born out of the adrenalin rush Sean got when he was using one of the rifles on the farm.

6. The song Time and Place was written as an indirect apology to scientist Nikola Tesla, who in his time was shrugged off as crazy, but his ideas have actually ended up paving the way for technology we use today.

7. The muse for virtually all of their lyrics was Sean’s ex-girlfriend, whom he met as a high school student while at a gig for another Brisbane band, Expatriate.

8. After spending 2 months touring Asia in late 2013, Sean returned to his home only to find his prized Rickenbacker 330 guitar stolen. He likens the experience to be like losing a child, as it was the first guitar he bought by himself and the one he composes on. So if you ever come across a black Rickenbacker, with the initials “R. Y. U” scratched into the back, give Sean a holler!

9. Lachlan was escaping from the grasps of an overtly creepy fangirl when he drunkenly ran into the edge of a door, resulting on the scar above his right eyebrow.

10. Sean (who now plays the rhythm guitar) used to be the bassist for Australian band Cairos with BC Deusa, current drummer of the Dune Rats. Being good friends, he even played bass for Dune Rats multiple times when they needed one for their live performances

After reading these facts, we can assure that you’re a million times ahead from the other Last Dinasours’ fans now! (Adeline Hong)