BRIEFCASE of Visual Communication Design

To remember Bandung is to be reminded of its delectable culinary, mojang Bandung, and of course, its overflowing creativity. The dynamic of the youth pursuing art and design studies surely adds lively color to the city. Just like this one upcoming event called BRIEFCASE: Professionalism in Visual Communication of Design. Professionalism may sounds like all suits and ties, but here it means you could have fun with cans of paint, silkscreen poster, and even pop-up crafts!

Still in time of celebrating Bandung 202nd anniversary, BRIEFCASE will be held at Gedung Indonesia Menggugat with schedule as follows:

Friday 27/09/2013
16.3o Exhibition opens
18.30 Music performance

Saturday 28/09/2013
11.00 Exhibition opens
13.00 Mural competition
14.00 Silkscreen Poster Workshop

Sunday 29/09/2013
11.00 Exhibition opens
12.00 Bazaar
13.00 Pop-Up Your Idea! Workshop
18.30 Music performance

You can also join the pre-event: “30 Hari Menjadi Desainer Grafis” seminar on Sep 20th at Kampus ITENAS, recommended for high school student who have the intention to pursue art and design study. Aaand not to forget, the Mural/Graffiti Competition!
Mark your calendar!