Delphic Will Hit Kuala Lumpur In May

Having almost a straight five-star review on their live performances from, you sure would miss a hell lot of action if you miss Delphic’s first performance in the land of the truly Asia. The triads, consisting of Richard Boardman, Matt Cocksedge, James Cook and Dan Hadley (drums), had a lot to offer with a name to carry as Manchester’s new sound. Their alternative/electronic, almost anthemic, are to be said a reflection of Manchester’s past and the new New Order, following its line-up of the city’s notable musical gems, The Smiths.

Starting their freshman album, Acolyte, it was not difficult for them to grasp the industry’s attention with praises as “might just be the first great album of 2010”, “never less than stylish” and “pseudomodern”, for having a sound that might just be a whirlpool to Manchester, 1985, but with the advanced dance technology that keeps you in the dancefloor. Counterpoint, Doubt, Halycon were the trigger that launched Delphic from a cannonball straight to the list of British musical prodigies. Acolyte gained the 8th place in the British album charts, inevitably a turn-head for a band with their very first debut. With impressive ratings as a first-timers, the sophomore album, Collections, sadly did not live up to the expectations, a drastic low-point after their previous grand entrance into the music scene. Their previous rock essence seems to be on the thin line of disappeareance, fusing the music with more soul and blue, and a subtle influence of R&B and dubstep (gasp!). Adapting to the contstantly changing music trends, Collections were neither in our out the trend, merely floatig in between. Their new single “Baiya” did not achieve the expectations, yet seemed to still impress a different size of crowd. Needless to say, Delphic still got their orthodox, suit-&-tie charm of a Mancunian triad up their sleeves, along with a strong influence of the notorious British rock.

Despite their recent fairly poor attempt for a dynamic change of music scene, Delphic is known to be the one of the best live performances of electro-rock genre, based on audience’s review, a five-to-four star was their own personal threshold. It sure is worth seeing their epic piece in our favorite intimate gig venue, The Bee Publika, brought by Upfront.

Upfront presents Delphic
Date  :    May 1st, 2013
Venue  :    The Bee, Publika, Kuala Lumpur
Tickets :
 Presale tickets – RM128
 Regular sale tickets – RM148
Tickets on sale at The Bee Outlets (Jaya One and Publika) and Rock Corner, Bangsar Village 1. Entrance opens at 8 pm. Fair warning that this intimate event is 18+.