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From Reunion to Collaboration between Musicians and Indonesian Art Community



A days to go before Synchronize Fest 2018 held on 5, 6, 7 October 2018 at Gambir Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta. This popular multi-genre music festival is increasingly attracting attention from a variety of social media platforms to often be discussed among young people. One of the reasons is the legendary band’s’ 90s Indonesia grand reunion concert, Dewa19, along with two former vocalists from different decades, Ari Lasso and Once Mekel will enliven the 2018 Synchronize Fest on the last day of the event (7/10). Rarely before the public, the two former vocalists of Dewa19 united on stage to sing the repertoire of hits from their respective eras when they were still in the band.

“This is a rare moment, Dewa19 has long wanted to reunite with two of his vocalists. A monumental moment for me, and of course for all Baladewa, “said Ari Lasso, vocalist of Dewa19 from 1991-1999, related to the planned reunion of Dewa19 Feat. Ari Lasso & Once Mekel at Synchronize Fest 2018. At the same time Once Mekel, vocalist of Dewa19 period 1999-2010 added, “Surely this is a moment that is awaited by lovers of Dewa19 songs. I have almost never appeared with Dewa at major events since 2010. Hopefully, it will be smooth and memorable for everyone later “. The Dewa19 Formation that will perform in Synchronize Fest 2018 is keyboardist Ahmad Dhani, guitarist Andra Ramadhan, bassist Yuke Sampurna and drummer Agung Yudha.

In addition to Dewa19 feat’s reunion appearance. Ari Lasso & Once Mekel, there are also some reunion concerts that are predicted to become a magnet at Synchronize Festival 2018. Among them are Padi Reborn, the Sinar Petromaks Radial Moral Orchestra (OM PSP), Jiung until the re-appearance of King Dangdut Rhoma Irama and Soneta Group. In total there are 118 musicians who will enliven the 6th stage of Synchronize Fest 2018 for 3 days, 3 nights. In addition to the names mentioned above, there are still many potential highlights that must be anticipated by the audience.

On the first day (Friday, 5/10) the action of the Daramuda Project was never passed, a new music collaboration from Danilla Riyadi, Rara Sekar and Sandrayati Fay. There is also SRXBS, which is a collaboration between Stars and Rabbit with Bottlesmoker, Fiersa Besari who is a singer, songwriter, poet from Bandung who is being loved, Dipha Barus, to the appearance of Payung Teduh who released a new album after their lead singer left.

The second day (Saturday, 6/10) there was a special performance from Sheila on 7, Project Pop, The Panasdalam Bank, Seringai, Jason Ranti, NDX AKA, a phenomenal hip-hop-dut group from Imogiri Village, to Sisitipsi which is a pop-up group. the swing that is shining its name on the local music scene.

The last day (Sunday, 7/10) besides the appearance of Dewa 19 feat. Ari Lasso & Once Mekel and Padi Reborn, there are still Nasida Ria, the legendary qasidah from Semarang. Then the performance of Endah N Rhesa Extended, a music collaboration between Endah N Rhesa, Classmate Journal and Beda. Whereas from the 80s era Candra Darusman & Friends will be presenting songs from the album Tribute Detik Waktu. And also Manumata talented little hip-hop group from Maluku, to performances from Javabass Sound System, a collective pioneer of local drum and bass music.

Synchronize Fest Collaboration with Art Community and Latest Stage

Besides being packed with hundreds of musical performances, this event will also be enlivened with several attractions that are collaboration results with several art communities. The film community “Kinosaurus” will be airing various films, ranging from documentary films, legendary feature films to essential films today. While the visual arts community “RuangRupa” will showcase their artworks and there will also be attractions in painting live murals from various artists at Synchronize Fest 2018.

Sometime before, from June to early September 2018, Synchronize Festival also collaborated with Archipelago Festival to conduct a talkshow on education of the music business to four campuses in Jakarta (Bina Nusantara University), Surabaya (Airlangga University), Yogyakarta (Gadjah Mada University) and Bandung (Padjajaran University). In addition there were also collaborations between the two who opened the Working Experience Program, where there were 3,145 registrants who registered themselves to be able to work or be directly involved as the Synchronize Festival 2018 event production team.

In its third year, the festival is determined to celebrate the diversity of Indonesian music and at the same time become a mouthpiece for the amplification of local sovereign music movements in its own country. Unlike the previous years, this time there were six stages (Dynamic Stage, Forest Stage, Lake Stage, District Stage, Gigs Stage and XYZ Stage) which were prepared to display hundreds of well curated performances at Synchronize Fest 2018. XYZ Stage is a the new stage is coming this year and tends to showcase a genre of music that is more like a celebration or celebration party.

Not only that, as was the case in previous years Synchronize Fest will also present live broadcasts on 4 main stages through 4 online radios, Demajors Radio, Ruru Radio, Norrm Radio, and Junks Radio to facilitate music lovers around the world. to enjoy live audio from the Synchronize Festival 2018 artist viewer on three days of implementation that can be accessed via www.synchronizefestival.com

As the festival organizer, Dyandra Promosindo and demajors, specifically collaborated with the leading music collective, Studiorama, curated 21 names of local artists who will perform at the Gigs Stage at Synchronize Fest 2018. They are Adhitia Sofyan, Strange Fruit, Negative Lovers, Texpack, Gho $$, Sunmantra, Damascus, Manjakani, Peonies, Murphy Radio, The Cat Police, Grrrl Alley, Pelteras, Logic Lost, Something Wrong, Tarrkam, Anti Squad, It’s Different Class, Southern Beach Terror, Seek Six Sick to The Sastro.

“Synchronize 2018 Fest is expected to become Candradimuka Crater for Indonesian music and become an interaction space for all Indonesian music performers and connoisseurs,” said David Karto as the initiator as well as Festival Director Synchronize Fest.

According to Muhammad Riza, Technical Festival Director Synchronize Fest, “Synchronize Fest 2018 will feature multi-genre music that will perform on 6 stages, namely Dynamic Stage, Forest Stage, Lake Stage, District Stage, Gigs Stage, XYZ Stage which will offer a unique experience and different because each stage will create a different ambience. Meanwhile, various facilities such as stage for disabled audience (diffable area) will still be there to facilitate access of people with disabilities so they can still enjoy this festival. ”

Bukalapak’s Full Support for Music and Art Lovers through Synchronize Fest 2018

Bukalapak as one of the largest technology companies in Indonesia supports full cross-genre and cross-generation music events, Synchronize Fest 2018. The stretch of the music industry in Indonesia is now growing rapidly and it should be supported. Bukalapak has consistently paid attention to the potential of this industry, through BukaMusik

often presents renowned musicians from the country. This time Bukalapak wants to contribute further to the development of the Indonesian music industry through Synchronize Fest 2018 to encourage the spirit of creativity and innovation of Indonesian youth.

Ari K. Wibowo as Bukalapak’s Associate Vice President of Brand explained, “Bukalapak gives full support to Synchronize Fest 2018 by presenting technological innovations through the Bukalapak application such as online ticket purchases, use of QR Code in several BukaMall tenants or QR Code Hunting in some area points. festivals, as well as Digital Payment through Open DANA. We hope that with the presence of our various technological innovations in the Synchronize Fest 2018 this can provide a very enjoyable music concert experience. ”

Enjoy Dangdut Music and Support Various Platforms

The Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF) this year returned to the Domestic Music Festival in Synchronize Fest 2018 through the Marketing Deputy with the Hello Dangdut Irama Nusantara Team. Hello Dangdut is a dangdut music platform with the aim of lifting dangdut music as music for all people and further popularizing dangdut music into the global market.

“BEKRAF is proud to be able to support domestic music at Synchronize Fest which can embrace all stakeholders, from creative music players, galleries, collectors, music fans, and serves as a platform in the development of the Indonesian dangdut music market, “explained Ricky Pesik as Deputy Head of the Creative Economy Agency, at the 2018 Synchronize Fest press conference.

In addition, Telkomsel through one of its flagship brands, namely simPATI, also enlivened the Synchronize Fest 2018 holding by presenting the best musicians at simPATI Lake Stage. Besides that, in the simPATI Lake Stage area visitors can also do cash in TCASH, and take advantage of the photo booth and charging station provided by Telkomsel. Here is also available LangitMusik Experience, where visitors can enjoy a digital music experience from the LangitMusik application.

Telkomsel’s General Manager Prepaid Brand and Communications, Abdullah Fahmi said, “The presence of simPATI in Synchronize Fest 2018 is a proof of the consistency of simPATI support for the progress of the national creative industry, especially the music industry. By accommodating musicians and artists in a movement such as Synchronize Fest, they are expected to be more motivated to create quality works, and on the other hand Indonesian music fans also increasingly appreciate domestic music works.

During the festival this year, Synchronize Fest was supported from various platforms. What is not left behind is AUTHENTICITY’s participation in bringing messages to young people and millennials who are creative, passionate, up-to-date, open minded so they can always work and influence many people with their authentic work, giving spirit and inspiration to be the best version of themselves. Also enjoy the AUTHENTICITY lounge with various activations such as plothagraph photo booth, VR games, and merchandise sales located in the Forest Stage Autenticity arena, synchronize festival 2018