Getting Stoned With Dune Rats

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“Dunecore Stoner Pop” band, Dune Rats brought to the table their eccentric personality along with an abundance of laughter. We laughed and joked around with these guys at The Bee before the nights show with Last Dinosaurs. Here’s what they had to say to our on-the-spot questions.

What does it feel like being in Malaysia for the 2nd time?

Danny: F**kin lovin’ it dude, this is our second time here. We’ve knocked over most continents now so when you go back the second time you just meet the really rad people you see from the first time, added on with way more new cool people! Comparing it to Singapore the kids here are much looser. During our gig last year in Penang, the kids we’re in their leather jackets, Fight dancing and throwing down drinks and stuff. They like to get a bit sweatier – I like that.

Do you guys have a record label? Tell us a bit more on that

Danny: Yea we do. Just did recently, its’ sort of our own record label through Warner. Most people get scared of major record labels, fearing that they’d bone them real hard – which happens most of the time. Well 99.99% of the time. The deal with this label we created through Warner is that we have more creative control.

Brett: Hopefully we manage to pull out our favorite records from bands we’ve met all around the world, and be able to release it out in Australia.

On Facebook it says that your record label is called Dyish as F*ck. Is that what it’s actually called?

Danny: * histarical laughter * It could be. But no, its called Rat Bag Records. We’re fortunate that we’ve played alongside some real cool online casino canada bands.

Brett:That’s probably a bonus to having our own record label, considering that other record labels are f*ckin douchebags.

Danny: You already know that just say whatever they need to say to get you signed to them. We hope that typical mainsteam bands know that we can bone them over. It gives us something to do in between shows and stuff.

Would you say you’re doing this solely for the passion?

Danny: Well yea, we didn’t really want to loose the band side of things. We’re not businessmen. The label side of it is more directed to Maddy, Gabby and all those other guys are more of the wheels behind the entire thing. Our job is mostly to identify the talents we want on the label.

How did you guys form together into a band?

Danny: Well we met at the pub like any other healthy relationship. Me and BC met at a pub and about a year or so later I saw Brett with a broken arm walking across the street and in those moments I knew that I just had to have them in my band.

Australia has a great talent pool for upcoming indie bands, and most of the bands come from the same areas. How is the music scene progressing now?

Danny: Were lucky in a sense that there’s tons of venues. But nowadays DJ’s take over and bands get shut off since they’re not as “profitable” as them. But its cool how the bands still stick together and play their sh*t out because they love it. Central cities in Australia like Melbourne is really spread out. Even with the screwed up laws that kick you out of the pub real early there’s still places you can go to if you know where to go, But a lot of the time if you just head down Chapel Street there’s a ton of venues to choose from. It’s probably why there’s a f*ck load of bands that come. In Brisbane when we started out, Venues weren’t really playing unknown bands. So we pooled a couple of bands together and played at venues till we got sufficient exposure. Like with Last Dinosaurs and us we just jammed together and made something out of ourselves. That’s why every time we travel we’ll definitely know the band if they’re from Australia, Brisbane especially.