Hiburan Malam Minggu #2: We Enjoy Dancing, We Just Don’t Do It

Saturday night is best spent with good music, to that we agree. Jakarta Biennale 2013 offered Jakartans an option called “Hiburan Malam Minggu #2”: a night of music performances, art-craft bazaar, and gallery of art exhibition. By the time we came the event barely started so we wandered around checking out the artworks and souvenirs at the bazaar.

We hurried our way upstairs as we heard melodious brass instruments playing: Sentimental Moods was up. The rooftop was already filled with attendees, most have taken sitting down position. Too bad since the venue had been perfect for a dance floor and the music was so catchy. This Jakarta-based ska band pulled an all-out, lively performance to get us dancing. Everybody should have taken off their shoes and danced along, but it was a rather laid-back crowd. Still, Sentimental Moods has set the night to a good start. Up next was Racun Kota, and the tune changed drastically 180°. A techno guy with Macbook controlling the beat, a casual looking guy doing rap, and a shirtless guy with a bottle of Anggur Merah dominating the microphone with raging vocal, made some digital-absurd-noise-hardcore concept of music. The stage was set as provoking riot of which the audience seemed too startled to respond. Hightime Rebellion ended the rooftop session with their mixture of danceable pop-funk.

Downstairs in front of Salihara Theater, lines of people were already formed, waiting to get in. Most of today’s attendees were presumably WSATCC’s devotee. “No need to line-up now, if you already have the ticket you will get a seat,” said one of the organizer to the eager crowd, yet they were unmoved. Once everyone’s comfortable in their seats, the lamps dimmed and spotlights on. WSATCC warmed the stage with three songs back-to-back before greeting the audiences. What interesting was the interactive stage designs where lamps and properties were played to enhance the ambiance of the show. The glamorous disco ball lighting up the room somehow made it feel like the 80’s school dances, and if it were not a full seat theater maybe we could all finally move our feet and dance like Sari did.

Everything was great until “Lembe-Lembe” was pronounced as the last song on setlist, then the room went lightless. Almost too dark for a show, not even spotlights to the band. We thought it was another stage setup as we saw all the little bulbs behind them were taken away, but that was it until the end of the song. It felt like you were in a restaurant, still eating but the waiter had already cleaning up the table. Kind of a bummer.

After WSATCC, the white backdrop was pulled away, revealing a mystical set for Kelelawar Malam. As a horror-punk band, Kelelawar Malam has known for the theatrical-horror stage act; sometimes they even came with people dressing as Indonesia ghosts. Sadly we had to miss the last show of this “Hiburan Malam Minggu” event. This whole night was supposed to be a dance party with all this dance-able beat but perhaps it’s just not our thing here? If you like the beat you should dance to it, alright! Nevertheless, it has been an enjoyable night and we do hope there will be more of this in the upcoming year.