Indie Music As A Trend?

What so called ‘Indie’ ? Is it a music genre or just another trend? I found out that indie is music getting more popular nowadays not because of the music but as a lifestyle. People listen to it because their cool friends do so. But what exactly Indie music? Originally the word Indie used to describe how a band produced, market and label their own music, it’s basically a DYI thing for a band to get attention.

It’s a hard thing especially when you don’t have budget to produced in a studio with big labels, but in the other side by doing this, the band will get no boundaries of how to make their own music!Maybe that’s why some people describe indie as a music that are too melancholy, dreamy, too personally, too raw, abrasive and too much influenced by experimental unpopular musical styles, and because of it the term of Indie has changed from a ‘process’ into a sub genre of alternative rock. Beside post – rock, noise, space, psychedelia, riot or emo, now they have indie rock! Indie it self started in the 80s with different names like in UK with britpop and US with grunge and revival. They continually get the attention in the 90s and in the 2000s thanks to the internet, they gain more success and have their own place in the music industry.

What’s no surprising is because of their ‘no limitation’ thing, Indie music itself has divide into many kind of style, from Sonic youth and Jesus & Mary Chain kinda style, The Smiths to Joy Division, Superchunk to the Cranberries, or Nirvana to Riot Grrl, Of Montreal to Belle and Sebastian, The Strokes to Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arctic Monkeys to Arcade Fire, or even Indie electronic style such as Disco Inferno to Justice, New Young Pony Club to Klaxons, etc.

Well, that’s another thing I like from Indie music, we actually got served with lots of sounds. However, as time goes by, the record producers noticed this genre are also profitable, that’s why some record label company just try to imitate their artists into a bunch of group with the style of ‘Indie’, and some people just buy it. So what do you think, has Indie changed into a mainstream popular scene or still just another genre we like to remain un-boundaries?