It’s Getting Bigger : The Second Line-ups Revealed!



The announcement of LaLaLa Festival 2019 has been the talk in town recently since its surprise announcement in the early October. The biggest international forest music festival of Indonesia is set to be held on 23 February 2019 in Orchid Forest Cikole, Lembang. The much-anticipated event is broadcasted to be even bigger and better this time.

LaLaLa Festival has always had its own charming way with music enthusiasts all over the country. This year, with star-studded list of performers that is confirmed in the phase one announcement: Years and Years, Crush, Joe Hertz, Jeremy Passion, and Astronomyy, the excitement is just so real. As if it’s not enough, we are made in awe with its second lineup announcement that bring world class performers, both Honne and The Internet home.

Honne, an electronic music duo formed in 2014 in Bow, London has always been fans’ favorite, with melodic yet lyrical hits such as Day One and Warm on a Cold Night. Meanwhile on the more psych leaning sound, The Internet, which was formed earlier back in 2011, has crowned themself as established Grammy nominated performers following 2015 record Ego Death.

The event will also bring us performances from Pomo (Canada), Alex TBH (Malaysia), and Gentle Bones (Singapore), all set to be there next February to celebrate the night altogether with endless list of national performers, such as Sheila On 7, Fourtwnty, Ardhito Pramono and many more to be added.

As some of the performers are going to perform for the first time in Southeast Asia and Indonesia, devoted fans from all over the countries have secured their tickets first thing first. The diverse layers of performers is set to blur lines between musical genres with feel good electronic groove, R&B and hip-hop Korean superstar, and ambience fillers all in one discovery night of wonder and culture.
LaLaLa Festival 2019 - Phase 2
With this big excitement in hand and large crowd to deal with, PR and Media Relations Manager of THE Group, Ferally Mahardhika shares his thought for the upcoming event. “We are curating wish-list from the fans one by one to strive for the escalated music experience this year. We are the biggest international music festival in Indonesia, and we are working really hard to deliver more than just the mere expectation of it. Within the natural beauty of Orchid Forest we all know, and all the surprise activities we are providing, we hope that everyone can have a great time like never before.”

Music enthusiasts that haven’t got the chance to buy their tickets for the festival might have to move faster because after swiping up early bird tickets in just forty minutes, loyal fans have made presale tickets sold out in just three hours. The remaining passes are on sale right now in limited amount only on LaLaLa Festival’s official website you can easily access on For more information and updates, do follow LaLaLa Festival’s social media in @lalala.fest!