Live Report: Foster The People Live in Jakarta

Unlike those typical Wednesday which most people usually had, this wednesday (11/01/12) all Jakarta’s Foster The People fans surely were busy humming their favorite FTP’s songs while warming up for the show. One of the most influential indie band who survive among the other mainstream international artists were having their first debut 2012 tour at Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta.

“I always heard Indonesia has the best snorkeling place in the world. And to be honest we haven’t played any show for a week, and we’re so excited to play for Jakarta. I’m really sure it’s going to be a massive show”

Thats a bit of what Mark Foster said at the press conference few hours before the show started. Fyi, the three of them just spent a week over at Phuket, Thailand. And since they’re noted as the best artist of the year at SharkOne Awards and got nominated in a few of prestigious awards followed by a huge success from their first debut album “Torches”, there’s no way you could miss the show.

Around 6:00PM we can see a long queue of people who already waited patiently to get inside and to b entertained by Agrikulture at OZ Radio Stage. And right after the time hit 8:30PM, they took all the lights out as Foster The People went on the stage. The band succeed amusing the crowd with “Houdini” which is played as the opening. Then followed by “Miss You”, “Life On The Nickel”, “I Would Do Anything For You”, “Waste” and “Call It What You Want” which made the crowd couldn’t resist but to dance and sing along with them. And since they’re coming all the way around from Los Angeles, this might be a whole new experience for them, as Mark Foster mentioned “This is the first time we visit the other side of the world” during the show.

After mesmerising the crowd with “Don’t Stop”, they did a cover of Wezeer’s “Say It Ain’t So”. And surprisingly they also played “Ruby”, one of their new unreleased songs which sounds really soothing, enjoyable, and different compared to others songs. Then the show was perfectly closed with the phenomenal song “Pumped Up Kicks”. We can say that it was the end of such a massive gig to start the beginning of the year. So, what’s next? are you ready to experience another massive band attack tomorrow at The People’s Party? [sisca/dian]