Local Vocal (No.4) : Nada Fiksi

Bandung will never fail to give us something. Something to be shared (especially to the loved ones) or something that we just keep it in our deepest memory. Either it is a good thing or bad thing. This time, we have something good that we have to share to you. A very interesting music from a band named Nadafiksi.

Nadafiksi’s tone may be formal, informal, intimate, solemn, somber, playful, serious, ironic, condescending, or many other possible attitudes at the same time. Contemplative. Anything the music gives to you, you shouldn’t have another think coming, you just listen to it. You will have your mind occupied by one comforting chaos. You might want to listen “Darimu Untukku”, their single-album Extended Play, Marujelaba.  The lyrics are about disquiet of human wrapped by an acoustic music. The changes from minor to major music is providing us a kind of mixed feeling of happiness and sadness, vice versa. Once again, comforting chaos.

“Sayup-sayup tercium wangimu
meninggalkan semua kenangan
Sayup-sayup tercium wangimu
menjauh meninggalkan daku..”

Another track on the EP is “Susah Tidur, Susah Bangun”. Released on Kineruku’s 10th birthday party (Rukustik #5) on 7th April. And also, give it a try to their debut, “Burung”.

Formed on 2009 and fixed on early next year, Nadafiksi was formed by Dwi Kartika Yudhaswara (vocals, guitar player, and lyricist) and Ida Ayu Paramitha Saraswati (as a key-flute and on vocals), also Raden Rizka Gunadi Ganda Permana (as a cello player).  When Yudha met Ida, it connected about anything, and there was this persuasion to make music together. “Ida’s musical taste and the preference to painting art have the same scratch and meaning with me,” Yudha said. And so they tried to search down for their music objectives all the time until they met Tesla Manaf, Bani Ambara, and Ahmad Kurnia. The last three names give the spark to Nadafiksi live’s set. Contrabass, flute, jimbe, sadatana, and guitar synthesizer are the things we could see on their live perfromance. Now they are currently on progress to record an album. It will be produced by Tesla. “What will we do is always sincere and surrender ourselves to The Mighty Lord,” added Yudha.

Let’s celebrate the sadness beautifully!

Follow them on Twitter: @nadafiksi