Local Vocal (No. 17): Tigapagi


After we created a post on Buzzfeed people keep asking us why we didn’t put Tigapagi on that list. Well, this time we featured Tigapagi for this week’s Local Vocal. Tigapagi is a Bandung-based band consists of Sigit Pramudita, Eko Sakti, and Promadian Febrianto.

According to a biography on their website, they describe their band’s name Tigapagi was taken from such a view of one single point in time, when everything is about to begin in the moment when everything comes to an end. Tigapagi was born into the world after Sigit invited Eko and Prima to form a band in 2006. Seven years later, Tigapagi finally released their debut album ‘Roekmana’s Repertoire’ in 2013.

Roekmana’s Repertoire is a mix of classic and modern styles. Tigapagi is successfully partying Sundanese-keroncong with some touch of western. Sigit’s voice really suits the gentle strains of the guitars in ‘Alang-alang’, a single which released a week before the album. Some big names like Cholil Machmud from Efek Rumah Kaca, Ade Paloh from Sore, and Ajie from The Milo also helped Tigapagi to wrap this album. Not like any other indie bands that need process and time to adapt their music, Roekmana’s Repertoire will give you an amazing experience right when you listen the tracks.

Yes, we absolutely agree with you guys, Tigapagi is an incredible band that you should listen to.

Catch their performance at Joyland Festival 2013!