Local Vocal (No.20): The Experience Brothers


You probably have heard the name of The Experience Brothers. Formed in 2001, this Bekasi-based band has widen their expansion in South East Asia in recent years. Delivering modern psychedelic rock blues with only a set of drums and a lead guitar, the duo of Bram and Daud have been invited to Malaysia and Singapore for several gigs. No wonder, their performance on stage has always been excitingly vibrant. The guitar riffs and the drum patterns thickly resemble 60s-70s music vibes, and the conjoined melodies will get your heart thump along the beat.

If you are looking for songs to include in your morning playlist, this is the answer. Or you know, when you’re on a road trip with your friends and looking for an album to keep you up and sing out loud. There are three albums you can pick: Summer of Love (2008), Eye Contact (2010), or The Deepest Growl (2013).