Local Vocal (No.22): Danilla


Living in a big city is not only exhausting but also emotionally draining. Having to commute daily, being too busy to even be able grab a quick lunch, dealing with mountain of tasks or irritating colleagues. Man, life is indeed hard.

Now put on your headset and listen to the voice of Danilla.

Her pick in wordings combined with the sweet tunes of bossa nova, swing, and all that jazz will soothe your tensed nerve. Most of her lyrics from the recently released album “Telisik” were written in Indonesia in a modest yet poetic manner.

Lihatlah senja
Tertegun terpikat oleh dirimu
Malam pun terang benderang cahayakan hadirmu
Menerpa merasuki jiwa yang tengah disentuh
(Danilla – Buaian)

Tenggelam aku di rupamu
Ke palung rindu yang tersemu
Tak ada ruang yang tersisa dalam sendu
Tersimpan batas saat sayu mengadu
Kuingin kepadamu

(Danilla – Terpaut Oleh Waktu)

Nothing can sugarcoat traffic madness like good music, so make sure this stays on your playlist. May you have a pleasant day ahead.

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