Mew Live In Jakarta: That Intimate Tuesday Night


Mew might have visited Indonesia before. But that doesn’t rule out their huge followings in Indonesia from attending their very first sole-concert in Indonesia. Things have changed since the last time they went here in 2013. Their old bassist, Johan Wohlert who has previously departed Mew in 2006 has rejoined the band. Their newest album, “+ -“ is right around the corner and two singles from their long-awaited album, “Satellites” and “Water Slides” have resurfaced around the Internet and received a mixed praise from notable music websites.

The inclusion of Jakarta on their Asia Tour is not a shock pull of rabbit out of magician hat. Indonesia has a very huge base of Mew fans and they called themselves “Indonesian Frengers”. Therefore it is not a surprise to see a sight of people wearing a Frengers t-shirt and several Mew references such as “156” or “Snow Brigade” all around Gandaria City on that very Tuesday night.


Mew came on stage right on 8 pm with their old song, “Coffee Break”, which led to an enthusiastic response from the crowd. The differences between this concert and their previous gigs are the fact that this concert was held in a small, intimate place and there are no other bands playing that night alongside Mew. Therefore the crowd is definitely coming to witness the greatness that Jonas, Bo, Johan, and Silas are known of.

Right after their first song, Jonas said hi to the crowd and the intro of “Satellites” ringing from the speaker, which led into a massive sing-along session, especially on the chorus part.

Because this was Mew’s first performance in Jakarta with their original formations, Jonas encouraged the crowd to give a warm applause and welcome to Johan Wohlert. Johan, who was experiencing his very first gig in Indonesia, looked very amused with the crowd’s reactions. Right after they played “Snow Brigade”, “Beach”, and a couple of Frengers’ hits singles “Am I Wry, No” and “156”. They also played several songs from their 2009 album, “No More Stories….”, that sparked a wonderful reaction from the crowd.


Right after “Saviors of Jazz Ballet”, Bo Madsen shared his experience of meeting one of Mew’s die-hard fans at Jakarta airport who asked him to play “She Came Home for Christmas” for the gig that night. That particular song itself is a rare sight from Mew setlist in recent years and therefore the crowd responded with a massive cheers shortly after Mew played the intro to “She Came Home for Christmas” followed by one of their new songs, “Water Slides”, before they went backstage.


Shortly after a long call for encore, they came back on stage with “Special” and “The Zookeepers Boy”. That two song is long known for its entity and has been played together in every single Mew’s gig. Just like their previous gig 2 years ago, Mew closed the set with a 9-minute venture, “Comforting Sounds”. Which led into a massive applause from the crowd and thousands of smiles in the attendants’ faces. That smiles proved the fact that Mew never fails to deliver.

Thank you to Marygops Studios for bringing Mew to Jakarta once again.

Photo credit: Alida R. A.

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