Minutiae to Prepare for #DWP14


We. Can’t. Wait.

Yes, We can’t wait any longer to rave it out on the two-day EDM festival, Djakarta Warehouse Project. As last year we threw you our guidelines, this year we are giving minutiae for #DWP14. These are some little important things that usually miss out when you are about to attend this festival. If you’re following these rules, trust us, you’ll pull anything off when you’re at the venue. All you have to do is just write them down and tick them. Here we go :

1. Work out to strut out :

This might sound silly, but if you attended the previous years’ of DWP, you might see some dudes became shirtless and some girls with their super shorts. What are we suggesting you here, you need to take some work out before the festival, and on the D-day, you can flash your muscles with proud. You’re sexy, and you know it.

2. Dance like everybody’s watching

We hail those of you who adopt; “Dance like no one is watching“, but really, really, really, this is Djakarta Warehouse Project, a place where people bust their moves. Before going to the fest, make sure you have practiced your moves and make sure it looks good. Or at least make sure you are not doing weird moves like banana dance or chicken dance. We actually found a tutorial of ‘How to Dance to EDM Techno Music’. Ehm.

Ps : it turns out the video is pretty lousy, but you can use it as your references

 3. Ignore what we say in Number 2

Yes, ignore it. Because YOU SHOULD DANCE LIKE NOBODY IS WATCHING. When the hooks reach and the beats drop, all you have to do is just jump! No lessons needed,man!

4.Guy Fawkes’ mask

This mask is what we have been noticing in the previous years of DWP. And we’re sure we’ll be seeing more this year. In case you want to be part of the Guy Fawkes’ army, make sure you have this one!

5. A real cool sandal or flip-flops

We don’t want you to destroy your VANS or New Balance, so make sure you are wearing a slipper this year! or at least if you insist to wear cool kicks, bring some spare of cool slipper. So when your kicks are soaked, you can still looks awesome with your sandals or flip-flops. But no one is actually going to notice it though. (List of cool sandals or flip-flops)

6. Don’t wear Indian Headpiece

It’s just pretty much like the Guy Fawkes’ mask, the indian headpiece has been attracting our attention in the previous years of DWP. You know what, we love this headpiece a lot, but actually this headpiece is a bit disturbing, especially if you happen to stand after someone who wears it. The feathers are going to bother you. So, let’s just leave the headpiece home because we are not having a tribal bonfire.

7. Bring some waterproof for your gadgets

Who knows it’s going to rain buckets, just to secure your gadgets (because they say the world is in there!), make sure you bring some waterproof casings for your gadgets.

8. Master the crowd by watching : Shits Indonesian Disco Party People Say

You might have seen this, but for some people who haven’t, you ought to see it! We love MBDC a lot and this video that they created in 2012 has doubled our love to them even more. This video shows you what to say, what to response, and what to talk about before you are going to DWP. In short, all of the tips or guidelines for #DWP14 is summed up in this classic video which also went viral among the party people.


All in all, the tips that we share to you is just for fun, you may follow them or you definitely may ignore them. You can totally ignore them though. The point is, we want you to be a part of Djakarta Warehouse Project 2014. You know when some wise people say “You need to experience one great moment in your life even it’s just once“, but to us, “You have to experience #DWP for once in your life!” . See you on 12th -and 13th December guys!