Moon Dance : Keep It Hot With Hot Since 82


As rain poured and overcast shadows hovered over the city of Jakarta,it was a completely different world inside the 56th floor of the BCA tower last Friday night. The warm,rich bamboointerior coupled the anticipation of the patrons within. Crowded,you could taste the anticipation as party goers, expats and models waited. The fashion show by ARTURRO was stimulating,as patrons mirrored the stylish collection proving that the night was more than justabout music. As the sky begun to clear and the city’s skyline w came into view, Daley Padley, better known as Hot Since 82, begun his set. Talented, charismatic and insightful,I had a chat with the British artist on how he became a DJ, his thoughts on Jakarta and the biggest downfall we humans possess.

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What’s your name?

Hot Since 82

How long have you been performing for?

Fifteen years

If you were to describe your music to an alien, assuming that you could speak their language, what would you say?

If you were to give it to a bloody alien? I would say that at times it can be repetitive but it’s a way to take peoples mind somewhere else. It’s a release, I try make people relax.

Why become a DJ though?

I was shit at everything else, this was the only thing I could do. When I was younger my older brother had a set of turntables but he never used to let me play them so when he went out I would use it, and that’s how I learnt.

So your success is due to your brother?

No, he’s an idiot (laughs).

So, how do you like Jakarta?

It’s my first time here to be honest. It’s hard for me though because it’s the same in every place, you never get a chance to see anything. You land, go to the hotel, eat, perform and the next day you’re straight out of there.

But from what you’ve seen?

The foods really good so is the hotel… a lot of nice women as well.

And what do you see in the future for yourself?

I don’t know,I want to be somewhere nice. I mean in this game you’re hot one minute and you’re not the next so you have to enjoy it while it lasts. You have to work hard, same as any other career, and that’s what I do.

Do you think Indonesian people are ready for the type of music you’re producing?

You see in the UK we’re really blessed because electronic music is kind of a religion. You walk into any club or bar and its dance orientated music, I can play at underground clubs for up to eight hours. But sometimes when I play short and sweet gigs like tonight, I just smash out the records and make people dance.

And how did you feel the performance went?

Ultimately electronic music is supposed to play on a really loud, good system. When it’s too quiet or not proper you don’t get to hear the amazing elements that the producer puts in. The weird, tiny little frequencies that you hear and go ‘what the fuck is this record’, that’s what you want. I also want to rock out to it, but on that note, yeah it was good.

Would you put your music under EDM?

EDM is really just fucking noisy horn shit… wait I shouldn’t say that (laughs). It’s really whatever you like. It’s more dance music played in underground scenes, you’re not going to hear it anywhere else.

Often House DJ’s are grouped into one mold with a negative stereotype associated to them, do you feel that’s the case with you?

Yeah, but that’s life isn’t it. People like to group and pigeon hole things because it’s fucking easy. I hate pigeon holes. It is what it is, enjoy it. Don’t try categorizing things. That’s what I hate about critics because people talk too much bullshit when there are so many different styles.

And what do you think influences this mindset?

That’s just human nature, people like to bitch on each other- it’s our downfall as humans.

Hot Since 82 is currently on his Knee Deep in Asian Tour, where he will later travel to Europe. For more information check out his website ( or Sound cloud (  (Text : Mariam Kosby)

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