Neurotic : Reflecting the 90s in the 2000s


We are so interested with this newcomers who are called ‘Neurotic’. Even though they are still new, Jones Mono, Eno Gitara, Byanos, Satriyo, and Adityar Andra have gone through from A to Z experiencing the scene of professional music industry. By promising their well-skilled talents and something new that the local scene has lost, the birth of Neurotic and their debut single ‘Surga Durjana‘ might be a fresh air for Indonesian music scene. As we caught up with them, we got a chance to dig more about the band’s philosophy, their idealism, and the influences

Hello, How is it going Neurotic?

Mono : Super!

I’d like to start with a simple question, why did you pick Neurotic as your band’s name?

Mono : we’re an avid fan of Madonna and all I can remember was Madonna’s ‘Erotica’; it happened that one of our friends use words ‘Erotica’ quite often. So, we really think it’d be quite fun to mix up the name to ‘Neurotic’ and make it as our band’s name.

I read an article, and it said that it only took 5 minutes for you to form this band. Is it true?

Mono :  It wasn’t really that quick. In that time, I’m pretty much all by myself, but I have a good material for a solo album which I shared freely but I’ve never had a chance to perform it in a band’s formation, and then I was invited at some event which it was the first time for Neurotic to do a live performance. Then I started calling my friends,. So, it’s definitely not 5 minutes, even pooping could take more than five minutes!

Since Neurotic are pretty new, What do you expect from the listeners?

Byanos : I’m not putting any high expectation. So, it’s like nothing to lose. It doesn’t bother me either they like it or not. All that matters is I’m doing what I like, and I’m doing it with a great honest.

Speaking of being honest. I read on your press release and articles about performing music with honest. So for you, what does it actually mean?

Mono : The meaning is we are doing it just the way we are. No pressure in doing it.

Andra : The point is we are the 90s kids, it was the era of rock music, glam rock, and grunge. And in Neurotic, Mono did the electronic part, and we combined it with ours favourite genre by having Eno from Netral and Mono who is mostly known as a bass player but taking the role as a vocalist. However, we are not really sure whether he’ll pull a good singer (laugh)

Mono : Yes, I don’t have a captivating vocals.

Eno : His voice is pretty standard….

Andra : But we’re fun. We’re pretty bold with the music that we are bringing. That’s what we call as being ‘just they way you are’. No matter how nuts you’d be on stage, people would see it in a good way, and we really hope people will listen our music in a good way as well.

This one is for Eno, you’ve been contributing for Netral for years, and now, in Neurotic, you are bringing a different genre. How do you handle it?

Eno : well, It has been my main point of having a side project. I want it to be different than what I have done with Netral before. I don’t find it hard to handle. Just do it comfortably, make it easy, and I’m going to perform it well, those things are what matters to me now. And I won’t change the character that I have when I’m playing drums for Neurotic.

For Mono, you were previously in Alexa. You were a bassist player, and now, you take the lead as the front man. How do you see it?

Mono : I don’t see much differences. When I was in Alexa, I was also in charge to arrange the songs with Satria. In Neurotic, I won’t be handling it, because we have Widi and Hendra as the producers. I chose them because I really their work on Rock n Roll Mafia – Prodigy, Maliq n D’essential – Sriwedari. And on stage, it’s def a whole new thing. I was a bassist player, I actually did take part on vocals, but I wasn’t really in charge on it. So it’s pretty much a process for me until I found my comfort zone in singing.

And who are the influences of Neurotic?

Mono : The one and only, Queen. Why? Because they are genius. But, it turns out that we are not as genius as them, so we try to take some references from another bands that we think are pretty genius too, like Phoenix.

For all of you, is there any personal favourite of local or international bands?

Mono : Queen and Netral. And it’s not because of Eno. For me, Netral are one of the legends in Indonesia. However, they are underrated.

Satriyo : Radiohead and Maliq & D’Essential. Not because of our producer is Widi, but because I’ve known their music ever since I knw Widi. But I have to admit that Widi is so charming, I even want to kiss him!

Eno : The Police and Pas Band – Richard’s era.

Byanos : The Roots and Slank

Andra : Slank

Mono : Slank. It’s hard to not put Slank in your favourite list.

Is there any song that will never bore you?

Mono :  Queen – Bohemmian Rhapsody

Eno : New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle

Byanos : Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Under The Bridge

Andra : Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody


Most of the songs that you’ve been listening to are from the classic era. But, do you also listen to the current musicians?

Mono : totally! We actually have some unwritten rules in Neurotic. We all have to listen to the latest songs even if we don’t like them.

We can’t hardly wait for their debut album ‘Weird’ that will be released next year, because we are so sure the album will sound weirdly amazing!