Other Sounds Gig Review: Dead Farmers x Lovejets x Stellarium

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If you are a fan of Rock / Punk / whatever rock bands like The Who or Stooges are, you definitely need to check this Sydney’s very own Dead Farmers. Influenced by Comets On Fire, Lightning Bolt and The Minuteman, they quickly sold out their debut single ‘Violence’ and now touring around Asia promoting their music. So when we saw them playing here in Singapore, before heading to Jakarta, we knew they will gain much rock enthusiastic later on.

Dipping ourself in one of Other Sound’s cool gig, we were trying to figure out if the ‘Sing’ can roll not only in hipster-indie-music-scene but also some psychedelic garage music as well. And, based on the crowd that appeared at BluJaz, apparently they do! Although we came a bit late, the bar which located in one of the trendy bar in Arab Streets has already packed with Lovejets and Stellarium very own fans. And with cool rock and roll and blues pop-ish tunes, Lovejets succeed made the crowd tangled on the dance floor by their songs and fun interactions. And who knew that the band used to be an opener for Indonesian band Naif back home!

Another local act that played after was Stellarium, with their shoegaze music and experiences playing (even organizing shoegaze events) in Indonesian scene, this band has no doubt was one of the most wanted to see by the noise punk listeners that night.

So, that’s pretty much a cool way to spend your $15 at friday afternoon in Singapore. If you want to know other cool way to spend your evening in Singapore, how about checking another cool gig from Other Sounds, as the quirky Canadian multi-instrumentalist Mac DeMarco heading to Singapore before Malaysia and Australia early next month at Home Club – Singapore.

(Photos by: Joshua)