Ratatat: Instrumental Duo Extraordinaire


Ashram together with Sindhen and Fable collaborated and created Electronic Terrace, a series of curated music events with electronic and live acts from around the world. And lucky for us they have included Ratatat to their line up! The event was held on Wednesday, May 11th 2016 at Fable nightclub in South Jakarta.

This electronica meets rock duo from Brooklyn is finally making their way to town! Mike Stroud and Evan Mast have been making music together since 2001 under the name ‘Cherry’. Although things started looking up for the duo in 2003, when they eventually changed their name to Ratatat. They eventually released their self titled debut-album in 2004. Their vibrant sound and lively shows have made them a force to be reckoned with. Opening for major bands like Franz Ferdinand, Interpol, and Battles, they have managed to create new and wider fan base. Including a fan base in Indonesia.

We were intrigued to see their set and the crowd reaction to it since they are fully instrumental. So, stepping in to Fable at around 10 pm, the dance floor was a bit of a lull, while the bar was hit, we were a little bit skeptical. But, nearing 11 pm when Ratatat was scheduled to perform, everyone was crowding up the dance floor like their lives depend on it, we saw a light of hope. The crowd went ballistic when the two guys took the stage. Starting with an intro that led to “Pricks of Brightness” they began their set.

In their over 10 years of working in the music industry, they have released five great sounding records with loads of songs that eventually became fans favorites. The night went on with the duo playing a lot of those favorites from each records. “Loud Pipes” and “Wildcat” from their sophomore album “Classics” were some of the hits among the crowds.

Another favorite of the night was “Cream on Chrome” with its 80’s disco vibe from their latest album “Magnifique” that they slipped in the middle of the set. The song has been a favorite since the album came out, we were surprised it was not the last song of the night. Nevertheless, everyone was pleased with the whole set. Looking at the crowds, you can’t see a single person that is not dancing.

The crowd was not the only one who’s dancing that night. One of the leading man, Mike Stroud, was also dancing through the whole set. Never have we saw someone move on stage while playing a guitar like he did, he can go from standing to dropping to the ground in a blink of an eye. While E*vax was calm most of the time, his percussion skill was top notch! Overall, great performance from both of the guys.

Even tough not a lot of words were being said that night, just a few hellos and thanks, their gig still says a lot about their music. Catchy tunes, groovy beats, vibrant and colorful shows, Ratatat is not something you want to miss!

Thanks to Ashram X Sindhen X Fable for throwing such a memorable night with Ratatat and Electric Terrace.