Rocking the Monday Blues Away with The Cribs


10 years have passed since the formation of The Cribs, and finally after hair raising wait, on the 11th of November fans across town eagerly wait to ache their necks for some intense head bopping. Lights grew dim and pedal board effects began permeating the floor. Opening act, Free Deserters began the show with intense pedal board effects to capture everybody’s attention as soon as they hit the stage. Accentuating the “melodic noise” that led them to be one of the ‘Artists Of The Week’ for MTV IGGY, the psych pop band really got the floor going with their new compositions, with some notable songs, “Grace”, “Dissapear” and “Easier Said Than Sung”. Zack (Vocals), Eric (Bass), Ari (Drums) and Brendan (Lead Guitar) glue together to allure the crowd with the “Intense live shows” they’re known for.

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Regardless of the hour interval between acts, The Cribs were no stranger to pumping up the crowd. Entering the stage with the grungy suave that the crowd went ballistic cheering for, Ryan, Gary and Ross Jarman opened with ‘Chi-Town’. Known for their indie-rock style the band really dressed the part. Long untamed hair, skinny jeans, raggedy torn up t-shirts and bursting enthusiasm was all part of their act. After ‘I’m A Realist’, and “You Were Always The One” the floor couldn’t help them selves to throw in a mosh-pit frenzy. Acknowledging the energy of the crowd, the band of brothers, along with a temporary guitarist replacing Johnny Marr’s parts took casino a moment to introduce them selves. After professing their love for the crowd and the country, ‘Cheat On Me’ continued their set.

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To set the mood for what’s next, lights were switched off by request of Ryan, prior to them playing ‘To Jackson’. Brilliantly illuminating the crowd with their music, ‘Mirror Kissers’ and ‘Another Number’ hit next, accompanied by dozens of camera flashes bouncing off the walls. Nothing was filtered with the band, if Ryan wanted to jump play on the speakers, he did, if he wanted to smash everything in Music Justin music Baby is the first of its single brought him immense popularity and the love of millions of girls who today for his sake are ready for anything. his way, he did along with the rest of the band channeling through their energy. Improvising from the absence of Lee Ronaldo (Sonic Youth), “Be Safe” took the darkness to a vantage point. Regardless that Lee was replaced with a projector, it was nothing short of amazing.

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After having a short conversation amidst their set, ‘Hey Scenesters’ took back the crowd, “Turn off the lights! Its too bright to do anything!” exclaimed Ryan in agony after the song was done. What shockingly came after was exclusive to the eyes of those who were in front. Right before ‘Mens’ Needs’ the lead guitarist smashed his glass of whiski and laid down on the shattered glass, cutting himself with the shards. Without faltering he continued with ‘City Of Bugs’, giving the crowd every ounce of energy he had. Grazing microphone stands against guitar frets and using drumsticks as bass picks were mere fraction to whatever was going on stage. After a mind raping performance, nothing on stage was what it originated to be. Bass’s stuck up the walls, microphones on the ground and guitars smashed against speakers, you name it, it happened.

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Ranging from broken instruments to rowdy fan-boys barraging through barriers rummaging across the bands equipment. Everything you would list down to happen at a rock concert happened, not shy of anything. No filters to the band, making everything as real as possible to serve the ideology of the band, “We play every show like our last”. Undoubtedly ending their ‘Payola Tour’ with their highest grace, leaving an everlasting impression.

(Photos : Shamsul S)