Street Intersection of West End London: A Fashion Show

Raffles Institute of Higher Education (RIHE) Jakarta is the first campus that started to give color to Indonesia with Success by Design to its students. RIHE is committed to provide a qualified education through its network of institutions in the Asia-Pacific region. Now as it is nearly time for their Fashion Design students to accomplish Advanced Diploma, RIHE Jakarta provides a platform for their students to exhibit what they have learnt during their studies.

The atmosphere of KOI Restaurant and Gallery 3rd level was warm and intimate, like a private standing party where everyone knows everyone. Around 7 pm, the hosts stepped on the stage and began the event.

It takes two to tango, so is fashion sense and business sense. Both needs to be intertwined beautifully to dance among the industry. So while the Fashion Design students crafted their collection, the event was entirely organized by six students from Fashion Marketing and Management courses. They are Alexandra Roselyn, Kristel Halim, Michelle Othman, Stephanie Sekar, Indah Nugrahanny and Meitia Rizky.


After the opening band by Sounday and make-up tutorial by Clinique, the fashion show started. Inspired by the style multiplicity of Oxford Circus, the twelve Fashion Design students presented their ready-to-wear couture collection. There were various interpretation of the busy intersection of Oxford street and Regent Street in the West End of London; like Emily with her elegantly sexy collection from recycled denim, Lydia’s collection in a mixture of Majapahit Kingdom and China, or Jennifer Jean and her projection of a forest beautiful mess.

To create fashion collection and to held the show, we’d say that the tango was performed nicely.