SVANAPaper Kaleidoscope 2013: Local Albums of The Year

To complete our Kaleidoscope lists, we made a special list ’Local Album of The Year’ and gave you some reason why you should love them.

Frau – Happy Coda

Why we love this album: An orchestra of Frau’s sole vocal and her piano, the intertwining combination forms a strong characteristic. Whenever we heard her music, we just know it’s her. Happy Coda consists of eight tracks, in which if we try to make analogy, is like a recently grown-up woman telling bedtime stories based on her life experience. She shared the emotion of the story in such an intense yet graceful way, and gets us carried away until we sleep.
Our favourite pick: Water

Maliq & D’Essentials – Sriwedari

Why we love this album: What’s not to love? Their skill to create music is undoubtedly. They put lot of colour and power in this eight tracks album, From jazz to dangdut
Our favourite pick: Drama Romantika

Pandai Besi – Daur, Baur

Why we love this album: Pandai Besi is Efek Rumah Kaca’s alternate universe. Eventhough they’re just revamping ERK’s old numbers, they managed to create this significant distinction from the original version. Female background vocal from Nastasha and Irma adds an eerie-point to most of the songs. A good kind of eerie, fleeting beautifully with Cholil’s vocals and the trumpets. The arrangement gives more space for the instruments to show off their harmonious intricacy. It excites you with all the new details while you can still feel the sense of familiarity as you vaguely trace the original notes.
Our favourite pick: Menjadi Indonesia

Raisa – Heart to Heart

Why we love this album: Like many musician in this generation, Raisa has put a lot of effort for her latest album. She poured her heart out, she wrote some song by herself. The harmonious music suits her hauntingly beautiful voice.
Our favourite pick: Hari Bahagia

The S.I.G.I.T. – Detourn

Why we love this album: The record greeted us with haunted sound that can gives you goose bumps, then they rough it up with up beat and powerful guitar riff. The S.I.G.I.T. didn’t waste the seven years to just make an ordinary album, they mixed every kind of tunes that can create one mighty album.
Our favourite pick: Conundrum

SemakBelukar – SemakBelukar

Why we love this album: Crunchy percussion beat, sautéed with exquisite sound of accordion, and elegantly garnished with meaningful lyrics, makes SemakBelukar’s self titled album as one of the best album that everyone should put on their Album of The Year list.
Our favourite pick: Kalimat Satu

Sore – Sorealist

Why we love this album: Three songs that means a lot. Marking their comeback, it tells the fans that SORE is still alive and ready to get back in the field. And their single “Ssst…” is just incredibly refreshing.
Our favourite pick: Ssst…

Tulus — Tulus

Why we love this album: With the song “Sewindu” airing on major radio stations, this is the year where Tulus had his career catapulted. A rising star, as what most media says.The jazzy singer wins most hearts with his tender baritone voice, catchy tunes, and the heart-melting lyrics. Tulus sings about love; a theme that will forever be related to mankind. You might think you have had enough love songs in this world that it all just becomes tacky, but not with this one. The sincere poetical lyrics woven to swing-able tunes have made this album easy to digest, and made its way to warm your heart.
Our favourite pick: Tuan Nona Kesepian

White Shoes and The Couples Company – Menyanyikan Lagu-Lagu Daerah

Why we love this album: White Shoes and the Couples Company is doing covers of some selected Indonesian folksongs. And boy, aren’t they catchy. It also broaden our knowledge about our very own country and its folksongs, which most of us have never heard. Indonesia has amazing local tribe tunes!
Our favourite pick: Tjangkurileung

[photo source: band's facebook page]