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  • The 1st line up World’s Biggest Dance Artists to Perform in Invasion 2018 are revealed!

The 1st line up World’s Biggest Dance Artists to Perform in Invasion 2018 are revealed!

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Join Us on The Most  Marvelous Journey  Through the Soul , Senses  and Mind  Together with World –Class Invaders!


Jakarta , 11 july  2018   -   Continuing the success of the previous year This year marks the 5th edition of Invasion – Tempus Chronicles, Having successfully attracted more than 12,000 visitors at Invasion 2017 last year, now Invasion 2018 – Tempus Chronicles is targeting 15,000 visitors to be present at the invasion later, As a pioneer Indonesia’s largest and most magnificent indoor dance music festival, EUPHORICS presents spectacular entertainment more than just technology and special effects, with a series of leading national and international diversified electronic music genres every year.


Invasion 2018 comes with a great concept – Tempus Chronicles, which will bring the invaders to the historical journey and an exciting new adventure with the atmosphere in the golden age of the 19th century industrial revolution. Where one of its steam power is still widely used during the British era in the Victorian era that incorporates elements of science fiction, fantasy and alternative history with a modern twist featuring futuristic technology or innovation as its industrial revival. The event will be held on September 14, 2018 at Hall B3 and C3 JI-Expo Kemayoran Jakarta.


“With the growing and growing enthusiasm of Invasion visitors from year to year we strongly believe that this is one of the most awaited annual events that will color the Agenda Festivalgoers from all over the world, from countries in Southeast Asia to Australia and especially Partygoers in Jakarta” Our goal every year is to create the most diverse music festival in the world by bringing the best line up in its class! “ Dany Setiawan as Founder of Euphorics events.

Invasion always attract the attention of lovers of Music Dance, Because this is where party goers can enjoy indoor party excitingly studded with international and local cool DJ, can dress up maximum, no need to worry about the weather and can enjoy the existing atmosphere comfortably.


Invasion is also supported by security teams and medical teams who will be ready to cooperate with the organizers for the event to take place smoothly, safely and comfortably for all spectators and free from drug abuse


Be The First!


This is the first line up of the invasion – Tempus chronicles are Yellow claw, Sam feldt -Live and SnakeHips which will make the party goers weekend full of high energy to dance!


Yellow Claw will be performing his newest single for the first time live in Jakarta !!!


Dutch Duo Yellow Claw is known as the DJ with the most diverse sound Exploration in Top 100 DJ with electronic music such as House, electro and Dub step combined with hiphop and r & b music. The group formed by Jim Aasgier and Nizzle (or Nils Rondhuis), is famous for their single titled “Till its hurt”, “DJ Turn it Up” and “Shotgun.” In 2018, they released their third album entitled “New Blood” with single hits “Villain” with “Valentina,” Both of Us “with STORi, and “Public Enemy” a collaboration with Dj Snake. Do not miss to watch their latest album live live on Invasion – Tempus Chronicles!


Sam feldt – Live is one of the fastest growing and leading Djs in the music industry, the 23-year-old Dutch EDM producer renowned for melodic house mixes, mixtapes and collaborations. With remarkable remixes and powerful hits like releases early in the year 2015 ‘Show Me Love’, entered on UK chart # 4 and single “The Devil’s Tears” is one of the 10 most viral songs on Spotify. With beautiful melodic characters intriguing atmosphere and emotions packed in an interesting groove, Sam feldt is ready to look stunning by playing a mixture of musical instruments Trumpet, Saxophone and Electric Guitar.


Snakehips is a British electronic duo. The formation consists of Oliver Lee and James Carter. and made their name with Hype Machine performing remixes for Banks, The Weekend, Bondax, and Wild Belle. the remixes and original production have pushed them into the spotlight. They are famous for their 2015 single, “All My Friends”. Inspired by the golden-era hip-hop and R & B with more modern production techniques, Snakeships have created a distinctive, sweet and sweet music


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