The 5/5/5 Annual Party

Playground is back! The fifth edition for the most anticipated annual event for the party-goers in town is ready to shake over the city. By putting two cities to be rocked (Jakarta & Bali), this year Dimensions Playground was much greater than the previous editions. The venue was at Tennis Park Senayan, not only using the indoor area, but Playground also modified the outdoor area to be a real Playground stuffs. Literally.

As we entered the venue we could see an area for The Silent Concert, it was a reminiscence from Playground 2008(in 2008 it’s called Silent Disco). So, there were three channels (on each wireless headphones) and then the crowd could easily choose which performers they would like to enjoy.

For the first stop, we went to Wonderbart Forest, it’s an area where St.Etienne and Van She (and also some local acts) will perform. Before St.Etienne got to the stage, Sir Dandy took the stage first. Sir Dandy kicked off the stage by playing some of his meanest songs and also with a help from Iman Fattah (he is currently active with his new band called Raksasa). Sir Dandy really knew how to boost their crowd, his song Anggur Merah and Jakarta Motor City  really took a large part of his performance, especially its witty lyrics. What a showman. Now is St.Etienne’s turn, the band who were associated with the indie dance genre in the early 90s hit the stage. St.Etienne performed their best hook with songs such as Who Do You Think You Are, Method of Modern Lover, and Spring.

It was cool to see how some crowds still danced while the rain started pouring gradually, it showed how rain would not stop us from partying, but later it went raining heavily. And St.Etienne decided to continue the set if the rain stopped. After a few minutes of raining buckets, St.Etienne were back on stage. As they showed up, the crowds begun to fill the space and started dancing to the songs. The band who just launched their latest album, Words and Music By St.Etienne, decided (unfortunately) to cut some of their setlist. But it was okay, we could not dance till drop because the party would be going for the next long hours!.

After got drained physically by St.Etienne, we headed to Embassy Club area, we would like to see what’s happening inside. DJ Dipha spinned his tracks and MC Fandy shook the crowds. Actually, he was scheduled to play after Kelis, but maybe Playground decided to put him first, so the air will be heated perfectly. DJ Dipha also paid some tribute to the late Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys by dropping a remix of Intergalactic. At the Balcony Stage where the Silent Concert’s happening, Agrikulture and Alexa had given some vibe to the crowds, and also some local djs like Akira and Inno. To Wonderbar Forest, Van She were ready to gave another vibe of Playground. These Aussie dudes made the crowds won’t move their feet from this area. With a laser and some magnificent lightning effects, Van She really did make the crowds to dance to their electro pop beats.

Back to the Embassy Club area, Kelis hypnotize the crowds with Scream  as the first song. And she continued it with her song Bounce, she even showed us her skills in playing drums. FYI, there was no testoterone when Kelis up to the stage, her DJ and Drummer are all women! The crowd busted some moves with her songs like Trick Me and ofcourse her dancing hit, Milkshake (with a mash up of Madonna’s Holiday).All you could see was people who danced crazily. Kelis totally teared down the Embassy Club that night!

And finally, for the act that we have been waiting for. The screen has been set on, the projection was ready. It’s time to get heated by Gorillaz Sound System (GSS). We were amazed by GSS eye popping visuals.  GSS presented of three performers who worked on DJ, drum, and of course percussion. They did an incredible remixes and mash ups of Gorillaz’s hits. GSS pumped the crowds wildly, and it gave us chill to see the see of people danced together to the tracks.  The three performers were partially obscured by a huge transparent screen that got projected. Gorillaz’s song Feel Good Inc succeed to make us dance, and it followed by Dare with a mash up of California Gurls. There were some interesting higlight mixes by GSS. They remixed many cool songs into some beats that are danceable, for example, I Want You Back by Jackson 5, at a same time struck me in an awe. The drummer and percussion made a funkiest rhythm that night. In summary, GSS simply amazed us with their audio and visual. And they absolutely rocked it.

Playground always gave us a new experience in enjoying concerts. Each year it brought us to create a wondrous dance and club experience. This year has successfully lined up our night. The concept for the venue was also brilliant yet fun. We never saw a Ferris Wheel in a concert before, and Playground made it. According to the next year info about Playground, we heard that next year Playground will have a new concept and another breakthrough innovation like creating a concert with a 3D stuffs. Over all, Well done  Dimensions Playground 5th. [Alcander Alonzo]