The Jolie of Au Revoir Simone


A couple of weeks ago, we hung out with American dream-pop trio, Au Revoir Simone. While they were enjoying their posh night in Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta, we asked them about their stories, being a back-up singer for Broken Bells, and even a question about Tour DuPont.

Youve been making music with keyboard and do you want to explore your music by playing another instruments?

Keyboard is an instrument that we know how to play best, so probably we’ll keep making music by keyboard. But from time to time it’s nice to have another instruments, and when we end up to make an album, it’s sort of like a self contained. Like when we end up writing a song, we find all the parts that we need just the three of us. So, we end up not really doing that. But maybe one day.

Do you consider to have a male musician or another female musician for? (laughs)(Laughs) This album we have a boy producer, he played bass guitar, and we also had a drummer. And we also like having a cello. But in general, the keyboard’s sounds can be like a flute, like a cello. So, we don’t really need another instruments in our band. Even sometimes you can make it sound like an electric guitar.

Are you guys a big fan of Tim Burton?
Yeah, we are fan of him. When Heather came up with a name of the band, she was watching those movies.

So, which one is more important for you guys. The lyrics or the melody?
I think it’s different from the three of us. For me the melody hooks or grabs you, like you can say what you need to say with the melody even without the words. But we all enjoy wordplay, poetry, but not so much about reading poetry! (laughs)

Like sentimental poetry?
Sentimental secret poetry.

From all of the music festivals that you attended, which one is your favourite?
That is a really good question. Well, this year we played at Coachella for the first time, and we are actually going because we’ve been touring with Broken Bells, we do a back-up singing for them.

What is your definition of indie and hipster?
(laughs) I feel like they are a little bit outdated. They were fun to talk about like five years ago, but now maybe we need some new words.

We heard that one of your mothers is doing a pro-cycling?
Was it me who talked about it? It’s so funny that someone remembers it! Well, my mom sort of used to work for Tour-de-france, but it’s like the American version, it’s called Tour DuPont. It’s a company and like a big preparation for DuPont, so they sponsored it. And they tour California and tour China. I got to go in one race once in a car, we went before the bikes to clear the road. It was really exciting.

Are you guys into sports?
We do yoga and jogging. And lately we are into hotel room sports. You know, like hotel room activities, we do excersice by watching YouTube videos. Because normally, you can either sleep or excercise. There’s usually not so much time, but we are really good at that. Trying to figure out within your environment, or doing sound check, running up and down the stairs. But it’s not really athletic. (laughs)

Do you have any favorite female vocalists?
Oh, I love Hope Sandoval from Mazzy Star and Trish (Keenan) from Broadcast.