The Lioness of Neonomora


The media have dubbed her as the next big thing. Critics have been in her favor. And now Neonomora, the newcomer young singer, have released her self-titled EP to show us that her music is worth the buzz.

Neonomora herself had described her style of music as “a folk rock with a touch of electronic,” and we certainly get the electronic feel on the opening track, Too Young. Without wasting too much time on the intro, we are greeted by the singer’s solid vocal. It’s an upbeat song with repetitive lyrics, which makes it fall as a little bland, but also gives it a potential to be a hit amongst the youths. Too Young is a kind of tune you can expect to be a sing-a-long anthem at a live show—the one song you’d want to sing loudly to without any remorse. The second track is You Want My Love, which also happens to be the first single to be released from the album. Electronic beats are still felt throughout the song, but we surely can feel the indie folk rock taste. Neonomora has that vocal quality that can easily adapt to multiple genres. Fight, the third song of the EP, begins with a whimsical, vintage horror show opening sequence-like intro. Neonomora’s powerful vocal resounds strongly throughout the whole song, singing out the word “fight, fight, fight!” in the chorus, prompting you to suddenly get the feeling to get on your feet and stomp the ground.

You would have thought that the penultimate track will give us some sort of break from all the fun sing-a-long and empowering stomps the first three songs have tempted us to do. But apparently with Neonomora, the strength never subsides. Verge of Universe, track number four, still features her ever so vigorous voice, with the addition of her occasional exuberant screams halfway through the song. It is no wonder that she received tons of cheers at this year’s 280 Festival. Neonomora, the EP, closes with Palace of My Dream, a more solemn track if compared to others in the EP. Consisting of five tracks, each with qualities that distinct one from another, Neonomora offers a fresh breathe of air for the Indonesian music scene. This could be Lorde all over again. Neonomora’s bold musical style that steers a little bit from the common music in the country, but still laced with catchy melodies and relatively relatable lyrics, have made the EP live up to all the positive titles media and public have hailed Neonomora as. The ‘next big thing’, being one of them.