The Misadventures of Last Dinosaurs

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These 4 twee-boys are talented, good-looking, and absolutely hilarious; the wet dreams of indie teenage girls everywhere. Well, we got to sit down with these chill guys before their gig at the Bee for a candid talk about their misadventures with law enforcements and fans around the world.

You guys have recently spent some time touring in Japan, how was the whole experience and what did you guys do there?
Sean: We spent a bit of time down south, where Dan’s parents lived. We did some writing there, then we went back up and did a few shows around Japan. There was a mix of number of people in the crowd, one of them had like 20 people, but it was fun overall. And of course Lachlan and Michael got arrested for having a snow fight. Which was pretty interesting.

What? Why did you get arrested for having a snow fight?!
Michael: Well we got arrested in Sendai, up north.

Lachlan: It’s a long story, but it was basically because we were causing a ruckus. And it was the middle of the night.

Dan: And they didn’t bring their passports.

Michael: They were so nice though. Lachlan was in the next room speaking Japanese to one guy and I was in another room with another guy who could speak a bit more English. And he was asking me about my favourite movie and what Australia is like. It was so nice. It was just like a good chat.

While on the topic of Japan, did you play the Japanese version of Time&Place live while you were there?
Sean: No. I honestly don’t know how to do it. I mean, I sung it when we were recording but I was just making the sound of the words. I don’t know how to do it live.

How does playing gigs in Asia compare to playing back home in Australia?
Sean: Similar in some sense, but I think you guys are a bit more crazy. Maybe it’s because we don’t come here often and when we do it’s a rare opportunity. It’s awesome because of the size of the crowd, and if you tour anywhere else, it’s nowhere near as big.

Dan: In Australia the live music scene is pretty good, I mean you can see an international band coming in every fortnight usually. Which I assume doesn’t happen much here, so I guess that’s why you guys are more grateful.

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Sean, you’ve said that Hayao Miyazaki animations are a big influence in the Last Dinosaurs sound, so what is your favourite Miyazaki film?
Sean: Yeah, it’s definitely a big influence. We grew up on watching it, and it’s very distinct. My favourites would have to be Laputa (Castle in the Sky) and Mononoke-hime (Princess Mononoke).

Being “celebrities” and all, i’m sure a lot of groupies have tried coming on to you. So what’s are some pick up lines they’ve tried to use?
Sean: Hah! I think the only ones who have every tried to pick us up are like the guys from the Dune Rats.

Lachlan: The fans can probably read that we’re not the kind of people pick up lines would work with. Either that or we’re not worth picking up I guess.

Oh! But I heard you got the scar on your right eyebrow from a groupie chasing you? What happened there?

(the band bursts out in laughter)

Lachlan: Hmm, how do I say this without being charged. Well, a fan of mine was being a bit… crazed. Like literally a little bit psychotic. I was trying to go to bed one night when she came up to my room. Long story short… I ended up running away. I was getting creeped out and just straight-up left my room.

To give you an idea of the space, it was a really old English building with narrow corridors. The type that you can get lost in pretty easily. Anyway, back to the story. So I started running and I was meaning to bolt down the stairs, but in my confusion I took the wrong door I was in the elevator room instead. When I realised that I was at the wrong door, I turned around, and as I did, she came into the elevator room. And that’s when I panicked.

The door was automatic so it was already swinging shut, but all I could think about was to keep on running. So as it was swinging, I ran straight into it. I was a bit drunk when that happened, but it was still really crazy. There was a pretty big gash on my forehead and I had to go to the hospital to get that sorted and everything.

Did she follow you to the hospital?
Lachlan: No she didn’t. She just stayed the night instead… With us…

Michael: It sounds so horrible even when you describe it. I mean it’s running away from someone while their straight-up looking at you. It’s like a horror film. All formalities drop with that.

Sean: It’s not a pick up line but what she was saying was, “I’m very disappointed with the fact that you guys don’t sleep naked”.

Dan: Oh yeah, THAT WAS SO WEIRD. But she said a lot of weird stuff.

Michael: If you’re reading, hello.

Sean: Actually we wonder where she is now. We haven’t seen her since.

What’s up with the scuba diver on your new shirts? What’s the inspiration behind it?

Dan: Let’s not get into that (laughs)

Sean: Well umm, I was … We can’t be sued, I guess… I was on eBay one day when I saw an awesome design. And well, we “copied” it.

Dan: We “stole” it.

Michael: But we all really liked it and it works because a lot of the new songs on the new album is going to be about water and the deep and diving.

Sean: Yeap, every song has at least one reference to diving or underwater.

What’s the back story with Michael and how did you guys get him to rejoin the band?
Sean: That ones a long story, it just seemed like a good idea really. But we started writing songs together and…

Dan: He paid us $10k.

Michael: I came up to them and said, hey guys, look. I saved up, here’s all my money, take it. Oh no, I’m kidding.

In a million years… What kind of legacy would you guys wanna leave behind?

Dan: I’m not sure whether people will still be around in a million years, but hopefully some people in 50 years time know who we are and they’ll still be listening to our music!

(Adeline Hong)