The Next Big Thing (No.13) : Wolf Alice

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No! We’re like Birmingham’s biggest buzz band but we just want to represent London,” said Ellie Rowsell, the frontwoman of Wolf Alice, to NME. We’ll put that as a starter just in case you guys will put them along with Birmingham’s bands like Peace or Swim Deep. Wolf Alice might be your average indie band, but they are starting to be the ones to watch. The band consist of Ellie Rowsell, Joel Amey, Joff Oddie, and Theo Ellis, were formed in 2010. Wolf Alice’s early root was basically a country slash folk-infused psych rock but later when the rhythm section joined, they turned into rock-pop with some fiery and loud tunes in it.

At the beginning, Wolf Alice was Ellie Roswell’s solo project. The story is simple, Ellie and Joff were planning to create a MySpace’s page, then later completed by the additions of Joel Amey and Theo Ellis. If you listen to their ‘Leaving You’, you’ll recognize them as a solo affair, but the song gradually shows a sound of a fully-formed band. The name of the band was picked from an Angela Carter’s novel.

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In 2012, they released their first self-titled EP and a single, ‘Leaving You’. Wolf Alice’s Leaving You has earned an airplay on BBC Radio, the band also have spotted by NME to their Radar’s list and featured as one of the most exciting new bands in 2013. In the same year, Wolf Alice did some touring with Peace. The band are not bringing some heavy material music (that contains of random idealist thoughts) but they bring this sweetness, light, full of friendship stuffs, especially in their song ‘Bros’. Ellie Roswell described their music as “It was teen self-indulgence in a way, if that makes sense. When you’re 16 and you hate your parents, boys don’t fancy you and your friends didn’t invite you to their sleepover. You think you’re going through something no one understands so you write a song about it and it makes you feel better. Also I just wanted to be Avril Lavigne…obviously.

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Wolf Alice might be known for their sweety friendship songs, but you can get yourself to listen to ‘Fluffy’, which was released in February 2013. Fluffy is more to a pop-rock loud song that will snab people’s ears with the repetitive loud part, “Set Free! Set Free!”, on its chorus. Wolf Alice are just a pure work of the London four-piece that will suit your life’s soundtrack. You may ask more about Wolf Alice’s songs, just wait for them as Ellie confirmed the band have bunch of songs that they would like to show to a wide listener, but they are only available for the live shows. So, we can only say “keep calm and listen to Wolf Alice”.