The Time Machine Festival Returns!

Ismaya Live and Generation 90s are ready to reopen the time machine into the decade of the 90s at the Time Machine Festival this year which will be held on Indonesian Independence Day, 17 August 2019.

In the second edition, the Time Machine Festival will bring back all the memories of the 90s from the coolest 90s musicians, snack food and drinks after school, childhood games that we often play, and typical 90s that often accompany all of our daily lives.

“This year we invite everyone to reminisce again about all the excitement of the 90s at the Time Machine Festival with Ismaya Live and friends from the 90s who are the largest 90s community in Indonesia,” said Sarah Deshita as Ismaya Live Brand Manager.

“Besides music, there will be a lot of experience typical of the 90s at the Time Machine Festival,” Sarah said. “All experience will be divided into several zones such as Music Zone, Snack Zone, Main Zone, Museum Zone, and Watch Zone,” Sarah continued.

Information about the venue and the lineup of musicians who will be performing in the music zone will be announced soon.

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