The Vickers : How the Italian Breaks The Mould

What will be the first thing that crosses your mind when you hear “Italy”? Gelato? Pizza? Spaghetti? But no, I’m not going to talk about the Italian food. I’m talking about music. Since we haven’t heard much about musicians from Italy, let’s meet The Vickers. In 2008 Andrea Mastropietro (Guitar, vocals ), Federico Sereni ( Bass Guitar, vocals), Francesco Marchi (Guitar, vocals), and Marco Biagiotti (Drums, Backing Vocals) started making some noise in Florence, Italy. This year they just released their new single ‘She’s Lost’. It was an instant love when I heard it for the first time. I had a chance to have a little chat with Andrea to talk about his band.

How did you end up with The Vickers? Are you guys high school friends? or?

Well, it happened five years ago, Fra and Fede were schoolmates, they started to play with other guys here in Florence, then I met them and I contacted Marco to play drums. We started to play some covers by Syd Barrett, Kinks, Beatles, Blur etc… In three months we were working on our original stuff!

In 2008 you’ve been chosen by David Bash for IPO. That’s awesome. How did that happen??

David is a fantastic music lover, really cool person. One day he sent a message on our MySpace messages box (at that time MySpace was at its best): “Hi guys, you sound great, amazing songs, do you wanna come to play at the Cavern Club in Liverpool?” I remember we were incredulous, we formed the band a few mounths ago and now we’re gonna play at the Cavern Club? It was an amazing experience, we all remember those days with affection, four young people at the Beatles’ home!

When I listened to your Album Fine For Now and then listened to She’s Lost I felt something different. Fine For Now is kinda brit-pop-rock or more like garage rock and She’s Lost gives more psychedelic ambiance which is cool. Do you guys also think it’s different?

We definitely agree with you. Fine For Now was an album strongly influenced by British music, we tried to do an LP full of singles, catchy tunes, short and fast tracks, jingle jungle guitars, we still think it was a great record. She’s Lost is different; it’s a space song, a psychedelic dream made of delays and echoes with surrealistic vocals. After Fine For Now we decided to take more time to produce the songs, we experimented new sounds and we approached the songs in a different way.

For Andrea, since you wrote She’s Lost. What’s the story behind that song? what inspired you when you wrote it?

She’s Lost is inspired by a person very near to me. She uses to tell me her childhood memories. Those kind of images showed me a lost and far time that unfortunately will not return causing a deep conflict between past and present. So I wrote the song trying to describe the feelings of those tales and after we produced the track like it was a dream.


Since you guys are from Italy, how’s the music scene in there?

The scene in Italy could be more and more better. There are a lot of talented bands suffering the difficult of Italian music situation. We should need people who believe in music like promoters, labels, journalists..Someone is trying but is not enough. At the moment the good and real music is not on TV, radio, there are no important summer music festivals in Italy, and this is horrible.

What do you want to show to the music listeners when they listen to your song for the first time?

We write and play music cause is our passion and we’ll do it for the rest of our life. We hope that people enjoy our songs and we hope that our music makes they feel good! This is the role of The Vickers!

You can get their ‘She’s Lost’ single on bandcamp for €2 EUR  or you can buy their limited edition 7” vinyl here. You won’t regret it. I promise.