Tribute to Arctic Monkeys Jakarta

The Arctic Monkeys’ fans community in Indonesia are growing rapidly. They have hundreds of twitter followers on Arctic Monkeys Bandung’s twitter page. Arctic Monkeys Bandung already held two events to show their love to Arctic Monkeys. Now it’s time to Arctic Monkeys Jakarta to bring their guts!

After the AM’s fans in Jakarta did a gathering, they have decided to make a ‘Tribute to Arctic Monkeys’ gig called “Siapalah Arctic Monkeys Ini?”. This gig will be held at Rossi Musik Fatmawati on May 19th 2013 and will be featuring six bands Tropical Apes, Britpose, Chewing Sparkle, Furs, HUVT and Kesamabar.

So, for you guys, the die-hard fans of Arctic Monkeys, attending this tribute event will be one of the best ways to do some karaoke session along with other super fans! Let’s jig!