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What’s Not In Your Singapore Grand Prix Itinerary, But It Should Be!



Singapore Grand Prix is not merely about the racing. Being the only country in South East Asia to host the race with its bling-bling and city lights definitely makes you need to do more than just going to Grand Prix while you are in Singapore. If these are not in your Singapore GrandPrix, then they should be!

1. Enjoy The God’s View of Singapore

Have a drink, watch the race and enjoy unparalleled views of Singapore at one of the many high-level bars located around the track. Hot favourites include 1-Altitude, Ce La Vi, New Asia Bar and ME@OUE.

2. Live Life in The Fast Lane, In A-Lister’s Style

Thinking to hit the club like those A-Listers? Open up your Singapore Guide! You might have a chance to meet up with some of the international jet setter, supermodels, or who knows you’ll be dancing the night out with the international celebrities! The are tons of events and parties that will be moving around and about the F1 race itself. Don’t restrict yourself to the circuit ’cause there tons more out there to suit every style.

3. Take Outside The Track

Chances are the malls and other tourist attractions will be filled with visitors before the race weekend, so how about a light trek to the summit of Bukit Timah Hill? The hill stands about 163 meters above sea level—so nothing too strenuous—but it is the highest natural point of the city-state. Think of this as a warm-up lap of sightseeing before all the rubbernecking you’re going to do at the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

4. Fuel Up Before The Race

It’s the calm before the storm, and park gates will only open around 2pm to 3pm, so why not chill in Tiong Bahru first? It’s a haven for independent stores, coffee shops, book stores. Buy a book from BooksActually, take home a trinket from one of the small galleries, or grab a cup of coffee in one of the hole in the wall coffee shops. If you’re looking for the most hipster place in Singapore, this is it.