Wrapped Up 2017 With #DWP2017


Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP) 2017 dance festival was successfully held for two days on December 15 & 16 at JIEXPO Kemayoran, Jakarta with a touch of Indonesian culture that helped enliven the annual music festival that has been held as many as nine times.59 presenters from within and abroad at this edition of Djakarta Warehouse Project, which successfully entertained thousands of spectators from both inside and outside the country including from 37 countries attending this year’s grand event. One proud moment, when the audience simultaneously raised the flag of their country, not only from neighboring countries, even from countries that are thousands of miles away though.

DWP this year feels more unique with the presence of two traditional dances on the main stage GarudaLand displayed by dancers from CIOFF Indonesia at the moment of Unity in Diversity every night. The two dances are Genjring dance and Bubuka dance. Djakarta Warehouse Project 2017 spectators who come from different parts of the world were applauded by the beautiful dances, with red and white flags on stage LEDs throughout the dance. This year’s DWP also has three stages like dwp the year before, but there’s a big difference in the DWP this year. DWP this year managed to bring Elrow Stage to Indonesia, a concept of the newest party and the first time in Asia after the first successful held in tomorrowland 2017. Elrow Stage itself carries the theme “Psychedelic Trip” on DWP this year. The Stage succeeds in making the partygoers imagine being at a different party, because elrow itself is known for its spectacular concept, production and decoration. In addition elrow presents local culture such as ondel ondel, dancers with unique costume appear in the middle of the audience.


Various international and local artists have managed to make the event even more festive, on the first day of Friday 15th December 2017 there are robin schulz, R3HAB, Flume, Marshmello, Tiesto, Purple Haze, Ilan Bluestone, NWYR, Marlo, David Gravell, Tony Romera, Cesqeaux, Slander, OOKAY, Zeds Dead and also Zatox. There are also local artists such as Ray Ray, Patricia Schuldt, Devarra, Hathoris, Trilions, Hezekiah, OkiOcto, and also Jade Rasif.

Robin Schulz, R3Hab, Flume, Marshmello and Tiesto are also incorporated in the garuda stage. The first performers of international artists have robin schulz, DJ and also the famous producer of electro pop house music is managed to make the party goers dance casually. he plays his famous song like “show me love”, “sugar” and “also a prayer in C”. After robin schulz, R3HAB is ready to wiggle the partygoers. R3HAB plays some of its flagship songs such as “samurai”, “flashlight”, “how we party” and also “karate”. After R3HAB, FLUME is ready to play his set. Flume is one of the toplist artists who want to be brought by DWP in the last five years and only realized this year, quoted from social media of Christian Rijanto as founder of ismaya. This Australian artist plays some of his flagship songs like “you &Me” and also “never be like you”. Playing electro pop progressive music, flume managed to bring the partygoers into a world full of progressive pop, the partygoers singing together as when he was playing you & me. Amazing crowd, amazing set, thank you flume! And Now it’s Marsmello’s turn, who does not know marshmello, toplist artist and one of the partygoers reasons to be present in dwp ya definitely want to see him live. Although Marshmello has been to Indonesia and at that time play in Ultra Bali but its appearance is very much anticipated by the partygoers. Playing its flagship song “alone”, marshmello manages to make everyone present in the DWP dance together and sing along. He made the atmosphere more crazy and wild. All the spectators were washed away in the setlist he was playing, the atmosphere was getting broken and the party felt even more broken. The party has not ended in marshmello, DWP still have their weapon, yeahhh Tiesto ready to party on Garuda stage. Dj and the legendary producer managed to enliven DWP, as the closing artist on the first day of the garuda stage, tiesto played an extraordinary set, the first hour full of familiar music and songs among partygoers, but after the last hour, tiesto raised his BPM and tighten his music, he plays some of his flagship songs like “adagio for string” and also “love come again”. Dj who has fans of various eras and also teachers and fathers of some of these famous djs play an extraordinary set of closing.


Go to the next stage, stage cosmic station. But on this stage there is a disappointing news that is with the cancellation of vini vici playing in DWP. But the promoters still provide something interesting, so they bring MaRLo to replace Vini Vici. MaRLo is one of the great producer and DJ. Cosmic station this year is filled with a lot of trance artist, this year ismaya prepare a beautiful gift for the trance lovers. The first international artist in the cosmic station is MaRLo, marlo plays a remarkable set of trance. Some songs like you & me, the dreamers and also leave my hand are played by MaRLo. Good taste for opener artist., We are all ready for black glasses. After MaRLo, Ilan Bluestone was ready to trance the cosmic station dancefloor, the only one artist from anjunabeats and one of the toplist in the DWP this year, the first time to Indonesia and he represents anjunabeats fans. Ilan plays his flagship songs like “sphere”, “frozen ground”, “bigger than love” and also the best music remix is “​​satellite”. Characteristics of music anjunabeats issued by ilan, progressive trance but still low bpm around 128-130 successfully bring partygoers to sing along and also wash away the atmosphere. Feel like trancesm, thank you ilan, thank you anjunabeats… Next, W & W features something different this year, W & W trance form “NWYR” for the first time in Asia after their debut in tomorrowland. NWYR plays a moderately fast BPM, NWYR plays high trance music with high bpm and NWYR succeeds in making partygoers nostalgic with old W & W. Good times by NWYR. After NWYR, sander van doorn present purple haze, purple haze itself is one of the project sander van dorn aims to play classic trance music, at this time the party goers are invited to enjoy a fast beat with a dark atmosphere and also the strains of a tight bass typical trance. Purple Haze in this DWP is different, he plays music trance with a firmer beat, purple haze plays a tech trance enough awaited by the trance lovers. The partygoers wear sunglasses to enjoy the strains of trance music from sandervandoorn (you know what I mean), trancesm with purple haze, really amazing set! David Gravell to be a cover at the cosmic station, quoted from his social media, he will prepare a different set of usual, special set specifically for DWP 2017. And all that proved, he plays a really extraordinary set, slightly outside the usual set of David Gravell . He managed to be a very slick cover and play the concluding set on this stage with a very extraordinary. Trance with a beat that is not too much floating and full with bass, that setlist suitable to be closing set. Thank you david, thank you for closing day one DWP with amazing set, we are all trancesm.

DWP’s Stage is not only two, but three stages, with the third stage this year filled by many artists hardstyle and trap. Opened by Tony Romera and Cesqeaux, the neon jungle stage is invited to prance and dance with the typical hardstyle fans and trap., They (partygoers) are ready to moshing. Slander, ookay and zeds dead also enliven the neon jungle stage, the three of them playing in turns from 23:00 to 01:35, they play a set that makes the party goers relaxed casually with the strains of his trap.They are international artists who have often played songs of several trapnations, and Indonesian partygoers must know them and look forward to their performance, they have amazing taste music, a progressive setlist trap that is played really cool and sweeps away the partygoers. Closed by zatox, the stage neon jungle becomes wilder than the previous year, the hardstyle music played by zatox managed to make the partygoers forget themselves and they were moshing amongst the audience. Zatox gives a hardstyle tribal boom with a high bpm above 140bpm, you know what I mean, if I say hardstyle Is more epic tribal than trance. Bpm that is played very high and managed to close DWP in stage neon jungle becomes unforgettable.

This party ended yet, DWP still have the second day of December 16, 2017. On the second day, dwp has a lineup that is not less extraordinary. Presenting international artists such as DVBBS, Galantis, Steve Aoki, Hardwell, Toni Varga, Loco Dice, Richie Hawtin, joji, higher brothers, keith ape, rich chigga, designers, bassjackers and flosstradamus.

The second day also divided into three stages: garudha stage, Live ETC and also ELROW stage. On stage garudha enlivened by artist artists such as DVBBS, Galantis, Steve Aoki, and also Hardwell. DVBBS became the opening international artist on this stage, DVBBS became a DJ “warm up” on this stage, with a fast beat DVBBS managed to make the partygoersrafting, Rave party increasingly felt when DVBBS play some of its flagship Tsunami and stampede. After DVBBS, galantis prepares to warm up garudha stage, duo DJ and famous producer through this Runaway song, delivering extraordinary performance with its live set with additional percussion tools in its set. Yeahh its time for cake, steve aoki on the deck now. Steve aoki is the founder of dimmak record to enliven dwp this year, the famous dj through one of his songs titled turbulence is making the atmosphere dwp become more wild and the partygoers feels like flying. Steve Aoki also took out his gimmick in the dwp this year, throwing the cake to the partygoers, it made all the partygoers scream and get crazy in partying. Nice performance Mr. Aoki! Thank you so much…. This is the awaited moment, its time for HARDWELL. The DJ, who was once the number 1 DJ in the world for three consecutive years, closed the DWP on the second day with a great deal, one of the songs played was “spaceman” and “never say goodbye” and also a beautiful closure by ismaya with hundreds of fireworks issued. Really nice moment, closing with hardwell and fireworks. Really amazing!


In the live stage etc also filled by famous local artist rich chigga who has long been awaited, besides rich chigga also brought along his friends like joji, keith ape, higher brothers. Only in Indonesia their formation is complete, because in event other than dwp keith ape does not exist. The famous artist with the dat $tick song heats up the dance floor, with hip and hipet liveset he invites the partygoers to get into another world, flying with his hiphop R&B music and also the very supportive atmosphere that has been prepared by the ismaya team… In addition to rich chigga, designers are also present to invite partygoers to dance. Hip/hop artist who entered into this billboard managed to menghiphopkan the partygoers who can not wait to wait. One of the most watchlist this year, desiigner!..After the designer, there are bassjackers and also flosstradamus. Bassjackers showcase the set that fans have been waiting for, they play electro house and trap. With an hour’s duration, bassjackers managed to get the partygoers drowning and getting wild. And after bassjackers, flosstradamus ready to closing that night. The most wanted trap in this year, flosstradamus closed the evening beautifully on stage LIVE ETC. with the bass and tribal thump of trap and floating features that made the partygoers relax a little but reawakened by the bass booms, making the partygoers continue to endlessly bump and make the night become completely broken.

On another stage, ELROW is an incredible stage concept, with the decor and the costumed dancers making the stage atmosphere truly festive and unforgettable. The first experience of partying with such crazy concepts, this is their first asia tour and also second in the world after tomorrowland. In this stage presents the artist tech house, deep house and also hard techno such as locodice, toni varga and the legendary DJ and producer mr plasticman a.k.a Richie hawtin. Opened by toni varga with a relaxed set of house and continued by loco dice with its tech house set and beautifully covered by Richie hawtin with her hardtechno set, they play an incredible set, Richie hawtin gives no slack to party goers, tech house and hard techno played with pretty high bpm and little floating, partygoers do not stop dancing and do not forget the local culture “ondel ondel” and also the costumed dancers also appear in the middle of the partygoers when Richie plays his set. Really amazing moment, set and crowd. Thank you DWP 2017, unforgettable moment! (Benny)