Your Ticket to the Ultimate Weekend Getaway

LaLaLa Festival 2018 IMAGES (2)

Bandung is yet again getting the international recognition it deserves with LaLaLa Festival, the first ever International Forest Festival in Indonesia. Not only because its unique concept and location, being in the middle of Cikole Orchid Forest in Lembang, but also by bringing Oh Wonder and Tom Odell to Indonesia for the very first time this Saturday, 9 March 2018. We can already feel that LaLaLa Festival 2018 will earn you the bragging rights you wished for.

1. #Wanderlust has never been so appropriate

You’d be surrounded by beautiful pine tress at Orchid Forest while you’re enjoying great live performance curated by LaLaLa Festival. You can tell the whole story on how magical the forest was and how back to nature the whole festival was.


LaLaLa Festival 2018 IMAGES

2. Have the “British Festival Experience”

Having a campsite at festivals is very British. Not a lot of music festivals outside the UK provide campsites. LaLaLa Festival is about to bring that British experience to Bandung! Everyone who’s lucky enough to book a tent can brag to their friends how much of a fun they had glamping after just seeing the festival. Also, if *God’s forbid* it rains tomorrow, it might get muddy and messy. Sounds familiar? Muddy music festival could only reminded us to the famous Glastonbury! Now we’re excited!


3. A high quality local and international line up

Have you seen the line up for this festival? What’s not to like! They got Route 94, will join Oh Wonder, Blackbear, Wafia, Blonde, RKCB, and Tom Odell as the anticipated international acts this year. This year LaLaLa Festival will also feature all the local favorites without a single miss, namely Rendy Pandugo, Adhitia Sofyan, Ten2Five, Reality Club, Pusakata, The Groove, Dipha Barus, Kallula, Nadin, and Roycdc.  Your social media feed will be full of concert pictures and you’re not even sorry for spamming your friends with them.




4. Be a part of the history of LaLaLa Fest 2.0

After taking a break in 2017, LaLaLa Fest is back for the second time this year. They are back with a new location, although not far from their first location, that will bring new lucks to the whole festival. Moving from the Pine Forest in Cikole to the Orchard Forest, we can just imagine how the design team of LaLaLa Fest will transform the hanging bridge and the theater with twinkling lights and rustic decor or whatever they decided to do to transform the forest in to something magical. You’ll get to be part of the history, witnessing the comeback of this one of a kind festival!

LaLaLa Festival 2018 Lineup (1)

5. Seeing Oh Wonder and Tom Odell touching Indonesia soil for the first time

The biggest bragging right coming out of this festival. We can guarantee that your friends would be jealous to know that you see Oh Wonder and Tom Odell perform live for the first time in Indonesia and you were there to witness it. So when they come back for the second time you can proudly say  “Ugh they are as good as the first time I see them at LaLaLa Festival!”