Local Vocal (No.23): Bedchamber


Youth are often related to being free, vibrant, wild, and fun. It is the time where we are filled with enthusiasm and curiosity to explore this bizarrely enticing giant playground called life. Until it finally phased out into the post-adolescent era: adulthood. Bedchamber, a Jakarta-based band consisting Ratta (vocals/guitar), Abi (guitar), Smita (bass), and Ariel (drums), expresses their doubts and worries in their newly released single “Youth”. Bedchamber brings out the mixture of happiness and melancholy of growing up in this introductory number. “This song puts us in a limbo,” Smita remarks, “between ages and different feelings while facing the close of teenagehood.”

After the recording session on July-August 2014, “Youth” becomes the first released single from bedchamber’s debut EP, Perennial. The track is available to download on bedchamber’s soundcloud page, while the EP will be launched by the end of September 2014 under Kolibri Rekords in both CD and digital format.