The Next Big Thing (No.47) : Glass Animals

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We’ve been bombarded by psychedelic music from the new bands all over the world (thanks to Tame Impala who might have influenced the other new bands for picking up this genre to their bloods), speaking of this ‘trend’, this week’s ‘The Next Big Thing’ brings up one of the hypest up-and-coming bands who’ve been talked on so many music magazines, Glass Animals. Glass Animals are an Oxford quarter consist of Dave Bayley, Drew MacFarlane, Edmund Irwin-Singer, Joe Seaward. The band started gaining the limelight with their indie elctronic, R n’ B, and psychedelic infusion, and everything hit the bar when Paul Epworth scouted them.

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The members grew up together and went the schools where music is definitely not being something that matters, and it all started when Dave gave Drew some of his songs. “I just started writing late at night because I was a bit bored and I showed it to Drew and he was like, ‘Oh, that’s pretty cool’. Drew and I put it online on MySpace, which was all the rage back then, then basically told the other two that they were in a band with us and they were like, ‘Yeah okay cool’, and that was it.” Dave explained to Australia’s Tone Deaf. The band had been stumbled in an on-and-off condition since the members live in a different four cities which made it quite hard for them to do a rehearsal. But then, the band decided to pour all of their times for music and released their LP ‘Leaflings’ via Kaya Kaya. However their debut LP was not strong enought to put them on the map, and it took Paul Epworth to fire up the steam. After working with XL’s Kaya Kaya, the band moved to Epworth’s Wolf Tone. Just like what we predicted, Epworth’s midas touch that worked on Friendly Fires, Florence Welch and the famously known Adele, is followed by Glass Animals. Paul Epworth pushed the band to surpass their boundaries and experimented the band with new instruments which led them to their infectious tracks.
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Glass Animals’ music will remind you to Alt-J and Radiohead. With a smooth and tingling sound, you’ll be taken afloat to their hallucinating grooves. Dave’s gentle vocals also drive the ambience that does not sound over powering but strong. To make some contraries, the Oxford-based band sound so elusive with their RnB influence but the drums make their music sounded traditional, in a good way. Their songs like ‘Psylla’ or ‘Gooey’ has a sentimental mood in an addictive tune, it is weirdly good which will keep you in a replay mode, the only thing that we can think of from their musics is a slow trippy dancing. It’s hard to describe their music but according to the band, “Like the sound of unicorns whispering, but with no cowbell. Probably not actually… We take inspiration from lots of different places. Dance music to R&B and also more traditional bands, which means we’ve ended up with a weird, psychedelic cocktail of electronic and organic sound. It’s probably easier to just have a listen really.” Said by Dave on how they would describe their music to the fans who have never heard their music.

The band will release their debut album, ‘ZABA’, in June 2014. We might be going to hear more of unicorns’ whispers or a sticky oozy song like ‘Gooey’ on their full length album. One thing for sure, the band who attracted bunch of attention after their show at SXSW, are going to give us something good and addictive.