Local Vocal (No. 24): Vincent Vega

vincent vega

Remember how Vincent Vega caught our attention about years ago and they just disappeared for 2 years? Well, yeah, if you forget, they just come to remind us. Elegantly, with a special showcase at Superbad, couple days ago.

Looking back at the 90′s, our roots of music. They just made a music with perspective to play it live. Here, a band that still conservatively views that music is for a stage, small or big, to fill our hunger to enjoy show for eyes and ears.

Now, Vincent Vega consists of Fikri Hadiansyah (Guitar), M.Saugan Najib (Guitar), Rhesatama Anthony Orah (Vocal), Aryo Bangundityo (Drums),  and Aulia Ramadhan (Bass).

Released an album, Always Hard to Make a Change, Just Like How to Stay the Same, ideas are bulletproof. Not only to share good music, but also good inspiration to bands nowadays. Well, wait for their enigmatic live performance, as well as their concept- based studio releases.

And another, we give you their songs for nostalgia and our reminder to move forward, without forget our roots.

Photo Documentation: Superbad Facebook.