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Sergio Pizzorno: The Runner of Kasabian’s Empire

Englishmen must be blessed for having guy that was born on 15 December 1980, named Sergio Lorenzo Pizzorno. Though he is half Italian blood, he spends his life in England because his father emigrated from Genoa, Italy to Leicester.

Serge grew up at one of the greatest era of British music scene, the 90’s. He appointed Noel Gallagher as his historical figure when he was at school. The Career Adviser gotta be surprised cause a decade and half ago, a teenage lad answered his question wanted to be centre forward of Leicester City or a member of rock n roll band although he also said he aimed a success as possible either. The lad reached his dream of being a centre forward (for trial at Nottingham Forrest few years ago) and being one of the biggest commodities of rock music nowadays.

As the eyelids that need to be opened up, Serge discovered every decade of music scene, so he knew many things bout magical musicians like Chuck Berry, Beatles, Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane, Burt Bacharach, Phil Spector, Sex Pistols, Small Faces, Bowie, Stone Roses and Primal Scream. He also listened to modern music like hip hop and acid house. His discoveries gained something, might be called genius. What else i should describe a man who combines rock n roll spirit, electronica, danceable beat, mythical tune, neo-psychedelic and Turkish music into Kasabian.

He turned 31. What people expect for 31 years guy?

1. Married and being a family man? Yes, he has a son named Ennio;

2. Have a better life? Yes, he quitted drugs for his family and his music;

3. Fancy job? Yes, he’s in a band who has been busy with world tour;

4. Dress up decently? I’m not sure, he dressed like a modern hippy, but he still looks good with that stuff. Otherwise, he’s not an office manager.

So, I beg a second for you to get on your knees and send a prayer for him, may Lord keeps sending him genius idea, may he keeps making wonderful music, may he gets his family happy, and may he takes his mates to Indonesia for tour. Amen.

Raise your head up, play some tune that’s gonna set you on fire, take you to empire, dance like you’re a lunatic in a lunatic asylum and shout like there’s a velociraptor gets close and try to eat ya. It’s all just made of Serge’s thoughts. Happy birthday Serge. [Robby]