Biku Teahouse and Restaurant – Seminyak, Bali

It was a nice afternoon when me and my sister was riding my bike along Petitenget road in Seminyak, Bali and found this nice beautiful place to take a rest and have some tea break. It catches my eyes firstly because of its traditional wood interior mixing of Balinese and contemporary style, and we get more interested when we take a look at the inside, where theres a a small bookstore with a style of a nice old cozy library.

Biku maybe one of Balinese teahouse and restaurant that i would like to recommend to anyone who want to visit Seminyak. They served dishes from Balinese authentic main course to British style afternoon tea.┬áThe table itself was quite full at the time we went there, and seems like most of the people which are the expats are having their own afternoon tea. The menu itself was simple and sublime, so we decide to choose Biku’s own signature tea and their Apple crumble pie which served with vanilla ice cream at the top.

The pie was nice, they cut the apple quite big so the taste of it still there and served it hot, the tea also nice and refreshing, they served it with start fruit , wild ginger flower and mint leaves. After finishing it we took some time looking for second handed and new books there. Then we decided to taste another food to be shared, so our chosen dinner was Lamb chop pie and we choose hot carrot cake as our dessert. The lamb pie was served hot with some vegetable salad and hot mashed potato and the carrot cake was best they use carrot and almond inside the sponge cake. So, basically we like to give Biku a 8 out of 10 because of the nice comforting place with a reasonable price and good taste of the food. :) [othy]

Main Course IDR 40,000
Dessert IDR 25,000
Beverage IDR 15,000

Jalan Raya Pittenget No. 888, Seminyak