From Laneway in Australia to Avalon in Singapore

This probably their second time heading to South East Asia, but different from last year’s, beside this time their came as the Headliner of the show, they also included Jakarta on their tour list. After their touring for Future Music Festival around Australia, Singapore and Jakarta are two cities in Asia they heading before going back to UK for another round of tour. And thanks to Untitled Asia and Urbanite we have the chance to see both of their show in Singapore and Jakarta.

Not much people fancy this band, but we all know those who came for the band are the people who knew about this XL Record’ band since their first self-titled album in 2008 with hits such as Paris, Jump In The Pool, Skeleton Boy, Kiss Of life, Hold On, to their recent released by the end of last year’s album ‘Pala’ with hits such as Hawaiian air, Blue cassette, Hurting. But for some other partygoers, you might heard them with Azari & III compilation album playing “Stay Here”.

While doing their live tour this three pieces band always included numbers of members, and we all know band with horn section is a shit (I mean in an epic way!). So beside Ed Macfarlane, Jack Savidge, Edd Gibson, they also added Jack Hamson as their additional bassist and two sax and trumpeter layering their –already- dance funk sound.

Same venue like last year, Avalon is a perfect set up for this dance funk showgaze band to perform (16/3). Though the gate was open around It was 7.30 local time, which not so much crowd when the gate was open and practically the show started around 9PM. But seeing the enthusiasm from the people queuing for the show definitely we expecting hype atmosphere from the show. Starting by Singapore’s own local DJ Ginnete Chittick, warming up the dance floor by remixing songs from Morrisey to Forster The People, Franz Ferdinand to some other catchy dance music.

And around 9PM as ‘Lovesick’ starting the show and Ed MacFarlane moved to the song like doesn’t care about the crowd, infecting everyone with his dancing move. The crowd was of course are unable to resist to his move, with unique disco tangled indie pop music, the band played most of songs from Pala album and singles from their self titled album. The most unexpected and epic moment was when Ed ‘joining’ the crowd as he walked and circling around the venue on their ‘True Love’ and moved groovy across the crowd like Moses and the red seas (LOL). Unfortunately the show is only about 100 minutes, which is less than 2 hours, but with 17 songs set the crowd is definetly have a blast of night.