A Weekend with Brianna at ICC 2016

The first weekend of October, the entryway to Jakarta Convention Center was even more crowded than usual. People lined up their cars to park then stood in line to enter the most anticipated Indonesian Comic Con 2016. The convention last weekend on 1 & 2 October was flooded with fans trying to get a glimpse of the world of comic and super heroes.

 As early as 9:30 in the morning, fifty or more people lined up dressed as their favorite movie, comic or video game characters, pumped to start their journey through the 2016 Indonesian Comic Con. Here are some of our favorite moments.

1. Intense Mannequin design Competition


 We were lucky enough to get a glimpse of the whole convention before they let the crowds in. As the premiere activity, two groups of international and local artist competed in designing a blank mannequin in just 30 minutes. The groups consisted of some of the main guests of 2016 ICC. A Transformers comic artist from Canada, Alex Milne, founder of Tokidoki, Simone Legno, and Secret Walls. The outcome of the 30 minutes full of intense drawing was showcased to be seen by the visitor. Let us tell you, they were eye catcher.

2. Star & Cosplay studded opening ceremony

When we thought the mannequin drawing competition was intense enough, they managed to wow us with an amazing opening ceremony. People in super hero costumes marched in to the main stage and welcomed all the guests at ICC 2016. People dressed up as characters from super hero movies power walk on to the stage before letting all the guests were called one by one. Imagine a stage full of artists and actors of your favorite comic book or movie in one stage. No wonder people went crazy. The cheering was the craziest when they brought out the first ever Kamen Rider, Hiroshi Fujioka to the stage. He was the special guest of the event after all.

Other than getting the first look of all the guests, we were also treated to some energetic performance by Akira Kushida who sang the famous ‘Ucchu Keiji Gavan’. It was the right way to official start Indonesia Comic Con 2016.

3. The bubbly Brianna Hildebrand


While Brianna played the badass Negasonic in the movie Deadpool, in person she was a bubbly delight. She has all the reason to be, since the welcome she got was thunderous. Since the day Brianna’s name got announced to be one of the international guest at the convention, people had shown their enthusiasm for Negasonic first visit to Asia.

On the first day of her appliance at the event, she did a Q & A session with her fans. She talked  about a lot of things from her role as Negasonic in Deadpool and her audition process, and on meeting Ryan Reynolds and her past obsession with the main actor of Deadpool to comic stuff.  Because she played a badass female superhero, it made us wonder which male superhero she would like to see reimagined as a woman. She said “ Deadpool or Wolverine” might have the right sass.

Not only did she made an appearance by doing a Q & A  both days, but on the second day, she sang for the whole crowd. Yes, some of you may know she was a singer and song writer before she was casted as Negasonic in Deadpool. She sang a beautiful version of Alicia Keys’ ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ and it quickly turned in to a sing a long. We got to asked her a couple of question regarding music. Asked about her music hero she said “Man, I love Whitney Houston, and a little Celine Dion never hurts”. Clearly she’s a soulful singer. We also asked her which singer would be perfect to play Negasonic, she opted for Halsey saying she has the sass of Negasonic. We agree!

giphy (11)

4. A Plethora of interactive games

As expected, comic is not only for those who like comics and superhero movies but also gamers. There are so many exhibitions providing activities visitors can get on board with. From online games, clues solving games to a bunch of retro old, school arcade games. There were so many gamers at Comic Con that we have to wait in line for more than 20 minutes to try out the clues solving game provided by ‘The Professionals’ movie. Also, it was possible to to try the arcade game since the people playing have cozied up and played for a few rounds. We even saw the Red Power Ranger playing Mighty Morphing Power Ranges on a Sega. It was really something else down there.

5. Cosplayers Paradise

There was no event more relevant to take your craziest and most creative cosplay out than Indonesia Comic Con 2016. People took that chance and went to the event dressed as their favorite character. It was the place every superheroes came together. Batman, Captain America,   Joker and Harley Quinn being most popular choices. Not only individual dressing up, we saw groups dressing up as the kids from ‘Stranger Things’ to the gang of “Game of Thrones”. And when your cosplay is on point, people will ask you for pictures. That was not an exception for people with on point cosplays at the convention. ICC 2016 also invited a famous American cosplayer, Stella Chuu who dressed up as the very intricate Master Yi from League of Legends. It was clearly a show stopper!

  giphy (12)

Indonesia Comic Con 2016 was one heluva fun way to spend our weekend. Lets roll out ICC 2017!

For more information about ICC visit http://www.indonesiacomiccon.com/