Local Vocal (No.11) : Answer Sheet


Remember the days you smoked weed (amongst other substances) with your friends during that sunny afternoon on the boarding room despite having two exams due the next day. Remember your ability to debate existentialism in Philosophy class in the morning and at a drunken beer party later at night. Remember looking around and seeing everyone doing the same. This is the time when summer holiday is over. You are just going to open new page of your life.

In academics life, as a student, do you realize that your life is based by a packs of answer sheet in the final exam at the end of the semester? Your new life basicly is connected with what you filled on those answer sheets. We just wishing that the relation is well by the time you read this writing. Because we will give you one new muse addiction through this Local Vocal page, Answer Sheet.

This ukulele group (yeah they use ukulele) consists of Wafiq Giotama (Ogi), Abdullah Haq (Abi), and Mas Gilang Karebet (Rebet). They met at high school on the same class, place where they chatted about anything. People say that one thing could take the friendship in to another level is music. Their similarity in music, especially ukulele, made them form Answer Sheet. Abi came with the bass line to helped this group creating more unique soundscape and ambience. Beside two ukuleles and a bass, they did their music with keyboard and also tambourine.

“The name “Answer Sheet” comes from like when you’re on an exam, sometimes you get a good mark, sometimes awful. That’s the way their music is: Sometimes good and sometimes awful, but they’re trying the best they can.” Their first try is Uku Live in Bedroom EP, produced in 2010. This bedroom recording contains covers and three of their songs. Then in the same year they got a netlabel helped them release another EP, SEA001: Answer Sheet.

In two years, they focused to record their premiere full album, Chapter 1: Istas Promenade, released on late 2012, contains 10 songs. Istas Promenade and Answer Sheet is a connection. Istas is visualization of a boy that face the life, from the first until the last time, and the circling scheme of human life. They tried to fill the sheet with good and bad as life will do, does, and did.


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