Local Vocal (No.2) : Banda Neira

Whoopee, it’s weekend already! We can feel your cheery excitement as Sunday comes along. If you plan to just chillin’ around, we have found you a perfect company for your breakfast or a weekend ride around the park. The Local Vocal for this week is a duo of Ananda Badudu and Rara Sekar, along with their guitar and xylophone, known as Banda Neira. Initially, Banda Neira was only about some refreshment session of two persons enjoying music in the midst of Jakarta hustle and bustle. Until Rara had to move to Bali and decided to firstly record the four songs they had.

Kau Keluhkan, Ke Entah Berantah, Di Atas Kapal Kertas, and Rindu were available to download on their Soundcoud and gained encouraging responses from listeners. Rara in Ubud, Ananda in Jakarta. The fact that they are currently living on a different land does not stop them from joining as Banda Neira. Thus the release of their first full-length album, Berjalan Lebih Jauh, earlier this April. Claiming nelangsa-riang as their genre, the innocently poetic lyrics are delivered in such delightful duet, wrapped with folk-popish tunes which made them undoubtedly easy to enjoy.

Banda Neira 02

 Bangun, sebab pagi terlalu berharga ‘Tuk kita lewati dengan tertidur

Bangun, sebab hari terlalu berharga ‘Tuk kita lewati dengan bersungut-sungut
You can listen, purchase, or contact them on Soundcloud and Twitter. Alrighty, enjoy your weekend!