Meet Tavi Gevinson

A not-so-mediocre girl from Chicago, she has been writing a fashion blog since she was eleven. What makes us love her? Just check out her world renowned blog thestylerookie, you might find it interesting. Her adolescent meet quirkiness makes a lot of people love her and her style, some people might find it weird to see a pale little girl with a grayish short hair, dressed like a granny, but for most of people in fashion industry, she is the new darling of fashion. John Galliano followed her blog, Mulleavy sister admits that Tavi is one of Rodarte biggest muse, she became friend with Anna Wintour, casually chats with Karl Lagerfeld (she said “Karl Lagerfeld Was Nice, His Eyes Weren’t Lasers“), and skips school to attend fashion week, what a life, Tavi!. Now she’s 15, her appearance changes quiet dramatically, not using her giant glasses anymore, she became a sassy hot brunette girl, but her quirkiness still pops out quiet much. When all the teenage girls these days are listening to Justin Bieber, Tavi is the complete opposite. She is the girl with 70’s and 90’s spirits. Now she’s trying to take over the fashion world and crowned her head with embellished bedazzled crown from Meadham Kirchhoff, i can see a bit of Courtney Love’s grungy queen vibe in there. A fuzzy floral dress, flowery headpiece, a few of vintage vinyl collections, I guessed Sophia Coppola’s vintage hits “The Virgin Suicides” inspires her so much. Strange kind of subtle gloominess surrounds her. That is what makes Tavi stands out. Now, she’s proud to be called a Miss “Editor in Chief” because she just launched Rookie, a holy digital ‘bible’ for teen girls. It’s a web-zine for teen her age, featured categories include fiction and diaries alongside music, fashion, school, sex and more. “We post three times a day: roughly when school ends, when dinner starts and when it’s really late and you should be writing a paper but are Facebook stalking instead,” Gevinson says of Rookie. (Saski)