MOCCA LAST SHOW: Annabele and The Music Box

As you all may know, Mocca has decided to take sometime off due to Arina Ephiphania’s (vocalist) leave to US. So it was a bittersweet moment last Friday July 15th 2011, at Hall A Basket Senayan, Jakarta. Mocca’s loyal listener gathered from all across Indonesia (Including some that are from Malaysia and Singapore) to watch the last concert of their favorite band.Titled “Annabelle and the Music Box”, the cabaret musical concert was performed by BOSMAT Kabaret, SMA 7 Bandung. From the story-tellers, Soleh Solihun and Ringgo Agus, came a story of a girl named Annabelle who found a music box which then brought her to Swinging Land. Mocca serenaded Annabelle’s journey along with their friends taking turn in collaboration; Ade Paloh SORE, Float, and Endah N Rhesa, while Soleh-Ringgo kept the audience on track with the storyline. The presence of Soleh-Ringgo were remarkable, for they really liven up the show with their hilarious jokes (and gossips, too!)

Songs that accompanied Annabelle was taken from Mocca’s various albums, like “Dreams”, “Happy”, and “The Object of My Affection”. On the scene of Annabele’s despair, the scene that touched me, Arina sang their famous Bjork-covered song, “Hyperballad”.

Suddenly it rained in the middle of the show, apparently, the roof of Hall A Senayan was made of somekind of zinc material and the hall wasn’t fully closed, because we could still hear the heavy rain loud noises. Funny thing, they were singing Let Me Go with animated rain on the background when the actual raindrops started to fall outside it made us confused with such coincidence.

After the cabaret session ended, Arina finally had the chance to say hi, friendly and lovely to the crowd, as always. Soon after that she welcomed the next awaited guest star, White Shoes and The Couples Company. Arina and Aprilia Apsari had a duet on I Would Never before and right after that Sari went solo on Mocca’s song, “What If”. Then in exchange Arina performed a song from WSATCC, “Senandung Maaf”.

Before closing, several numbers of song, included “Tanah Airku”, was played by Mocca. Arina said that the song meant so much to her she nearly cried. She kept saying her gratitude for every support from everyone until this very second. It was heart warming and wrenching at the same time, knowing that we’re not going to see their performance until God knows when. For the last song, all casts and guest stars gathered on stage sang “Life Keeps On Turning”. The show ended with standing ovation and Mocca’s final bow. Good bye, Arina. Good luck, Mocca. See you later, hopefully soon!