Pro Art B-Voice Ruang Suara Muda

ProArt (Artist Profile) BVoice is coming this November with newest theme called Ruang Suara Muda. One of the Bvoice Radio’s off air events which is held regularly every three month , already well known as the music event that promoted the new musicians or musicians who just released a new album or single. ProArt has came up with some of the big name in the music industry in Indonesia such as Raisa, RAN, Stereocase, Andira, Midnight Quickie and many more.

ProArt Ruang Suara Muda is not just a promotion event for musicians, this event also invites young generation to come and enjoy the music. The young generation isn’t always about how old are you because music is what makes us still have young spirit. Therefore, that’s why ProArt Ruang Suara Muda is made to the young spirit musicians because music brings us an infinite inspiration from time to time.

ProArt Ruang Suara Muda will be held in November 16, 2013 at Saffron Bistro, Kemang start from 4 PM until drop. There will be performances by some band that has been selected and guest stars such as Is “Payung Teduh”, Ramayana Soul, Indische Party and Alit Jiwandana. For further information, follow us on Twitter (@ProArtBvoice) or Facebook (Pro Art Bvoice). Be there and be the part of this event!

What: ProArt (Profil Artis) “Ruang Suara Muda”

When: November 16, start from 4.00 PM until drop.

Where: Saffron Bistro, Kemang.

Why: To promote new musicians or musicians who just released new album or single.

Who: Is “Payung Teduh”, Ramayana Soul, Indische Party, Alit Jiwandana

How: Performance by 10 selected various band, musical poetry by ST MANIS (Binus Theatre) and qualified musicians.

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